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o, zm, xx, 2u, wz, wdn, h, ty, 9, IPL 2020: Sanjay Manjrekar Suggests Batsman MS Dhoni Take A Back
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IPL 2020: Sanjay Manjrekar Suggests Batsman MS Dhoni To Take A Back Seat And Let Captain Dhoni Rule

IPL 2020: Sanjay Manjrekar Suggests Batsman MS Dhoni Take A Back Seat And Let Captain Dhoni Rule

IPL 2020: Sanjay Manjrekar Suggests Dhoni To Rule As A Captain

In the opening match of IPL-13, Mahendra Singh Dhoni was just a spectator as a batsman in his team’s ( Chennai Super Kings) win. CSK won the first fixture of the season against Mumbai Indians by five wickets. In the match, Dhoni just could not open his account against Mumbai Indians remaining not out. While he came, Faf du Plessis struck the winning runs against Mumbai Indians. But, Dhoni, being the best Indian Captain, did not miss any chance to assemble his team against his opponent.

In the column a renowned newspaper, Manjrekar wrote: “It was amazing to see Chennai win the first game, a team that thrives on turning pitches put up a brilliant winning performance against Mumbai in the opening act.”

Source: GQ India

Manjrekar also said: “I watched Dhoni as captain in that first game where Chennai lost five wickets and Dhoni ended up zero not out after facing just two balls. While more evidence is certainly needed, people should not be surprised if they see Dhoni the batsman take a back seat to allow Dhoni the captain to allow Dhoni the captain to guide the team’s fortunes.”

Manjrekar also points out a few things to prove that Dhoni brings out the best in him as a Captain.

“Picking Sam Curran, (Lungi) Ngidi in the eleven and then promoting Curran and (Ravindra) Jadeja up the order to make a winning difference are all early signs of this. With a win against Mumbai who has been their nemesis, Chennai start as clear favourites against Rajasthan.” Manjrekar added.

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On Tuesday, CSK will be playing their second match against Rajasthan Royals which will be held in the UAE.

What Manjrekar Says About Rajasthan Royals?

Manjrekar also questions about the potentiality of the team, Rajasthan Royals. According to him, the team is highly dependent on their foreign recruits for success in this season.

“Rajasthan is an interesting team, but is it a potential champion team? Most would say no, but there have been a few good developments for them in recent times. Jos Buttler, for example, on sheer form and quality of stroke-play, is one of the world’s best T20 batsmen today. He will miss today’s (Tuesday) game due to quarantine rules, but he will play a crucial role in the tournament.”

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