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Where to Watch And Stream The Dark Knight Rises Trilogy Online?

The best place to watch and stream the entirety of The Dark Knight Rises in 2021 is at no extra cost on your streaming service of choice.

Watch The Dark Knight Movies Free: August 2021 Update

A new streaming service, HBO Max, offers each of the Dark Knight movies in their entirety. The first two movies in the trilogy, including Batman Begins, can be watched on Hulu for free. Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy is one of the most celebrated cinematic trilogies in history, praised for its excellent characterization of Batman and his foil Joker, as well as what many consider to be Elle Ledger’s best performance.

Is The Dark Knight on Netflix?

As of August 2021, The Dark Knight Trilogy is not on Netflix. It was previously available, but it has left the platform since then. However, if you are interested in Batman there are other TV programs about him that you can watch such as Gotham.

Is The Dark Knight on Hulu?

As of August 2021, Batman Begins and Dark Knight are both streaming on Hulu! Both movies have been on the platform since 2020.

Is The Dark Knight on Disney+?

Unfortunately, The Dark Knight is not available on Disney+, but there are other well-known fantasy movie series you can watch there, such as Lord of the Rings.The Dark Knight Rises

Is The Dark Knight on HBO or HBO Max?

HBO Max is a great place to watch all the movies in the Dark Knight trilogy. If you are looking for other DC content, not all of it is available on this platform. Thankfully, The Dark Knight Trilogy is returning to HBO Max in January.

This is the correct order to watch the films chronologically.

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  • Batman Begins
  • The Dark Knight Rises (2012)
  • The Dark Knight (2008)

With so many viewing options, the only excuse to not watch The Dark Knight trilogy is a lack of popcorn.

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