The Dark Crystal Age Of Resistance Season 2 Confirmed Release Date


Fantasy television series The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance was co-produced by Netflix and the Jim Henson Company. In 1982, Jim Henson released The Dark Crystal, a fantasy adventure film set in the mythical land of Thra. Rian, Deet, and Brea of the Gelfling clan will assist them in their mission to battle the Skeksis and rescue Thra.

To great praise, the series debuted on August 30th, 2019. A one-season finale for the series was confirmed in September 2020. This is where you’ll find all the latest information on The Dark Crystal Age Of Resistance Season 2.

The Dark Crystal Age Of Resistance

As a feature-length sequel to The Dark Crystal, The Power of the Dark Crystal sat in development hell for years. According to Louis Leterrier, who directed Clash of the Titans, he requested to collaborate on a new picture with Jim Henson Productions, but he was constantly turned down since the company only wanted to work on Transformers and many executives had never heard of The Dark Crystal.

A prequel series, rather than a theatrical sequel, was chosen by Leterrier because of the wealth of material contained in Jim Henson and Frank Oz’s notebooks.

Who Lived in the Neighborhood? That Lovely Gelfling Civilization’s Name, What Was It? Lisa Henson refers to the first film’s “What Did That Lovely Gelfling Civilization’s Name Be?” for the “Wall of Destiny” As a result of this, the Dark Crystal fan writers were hired: Jeff Addiss, Will Matthews and Javier Grillo Marxuach were brought in. This IP was sold to Netflix by Leterrier after finding a studio executive who was enthusiastic about the original film.

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A prequel series was proposed to Netflix. Jim Henson’s Vice President of Original Content Cindy Holland rewatched and enquired about making a live-action series after hearing about the film’s idea. To determine whether the series might improve on Skeksis and Gelfling, they debuted in a brief test film in 2016. Puppets were chosen as a means of expressing their characteristics.

The Dark Crystal Age Of Resistance Season 2

The Dark Crystal Age Of Resistance Season 2 Release Date

Season 2 of The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance should go more rapidly than Season 1 because of the pre-existing puppets and surroundings.

The regular Netflix release timeframe of 12 months may be extended if the second season introduces new characters and places. We wouldn’t mind if it took longer for the merchandise to arrive. As a children’s program, we appreciate the concept of viewing Season 2 of The Dark Crystal in the autumn or winter.

In May 2017, the first season was confirmed, and it began in August 2019. Season one and season two should be separated by a period of 14 months. The most probable release date is in late 2020. Which political issues are being addressed in the second season’s plot line?

As we discovered in the first season, Thra is on the point of crumbling. An epidemic of the disease has occurred when a malignant Skeksis poisoned Truth’s crystal.

Three Gelfling uncover the startling truth behind Skeksis’ power, igniting an epic fight for the world. Much more deep, moving and horrifying than the brief explanation that preceded the show’s debut. Season two is intended to include the introduction of new characters to help in the resolve of the Gelfling-Skeksis struggle, which will continue the exploits of Deet, Brea, and Rian.The Dark Crystal Age Of Resistance Season 2

The Dark Crystal Age Of Resistance Season 2 Cast


The Dark Crystal series revolves on the Gelflings. The hands of Thra’s long-faced humanoids feature three long fingers and one thumb.


Protagonist UrRu Master UlSu adopted Jen as a newborn and reared him until he was a teenager when his family was slaughtered by the Garthim. As a consequence of his upbringing by the Lax UrU, he was both diligent and impatient. The tunic Jen is wearing is a light cream hue.

She was adopted by a Podling village after hiding under a tree trunk with her mother to escape being slaughtered by her people. Kira has learnt to converse with animals in the marshes outside of Podling Town thanks to Fizzgig’s assistance. Most of the time, she is a kind and compassionate person.

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The Vapra Family

They have governed the Gelfling tribes of Harar, perched high in the cold mountains of The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance, for generations now..” When it comes to concealing in plain sight, The Vapra Clan is an expert.

Clan Stonewood appears in The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. Residents of Stone in the Dark Wood, a forested community deep inside The Wasteland, are known as Stonewood’s. The bulk of them is crystal guardians from the Crystal Castle, who are strong and confident. Farmers and cobblers are among the Stonewood Clan’s many talents.

“Dark Crystal” comic book series Brian Froud’s book The World of the Dark Crystal and Jim Henson’s puppetry gave the bulk of the characters and species names, although supplementary sources such as Froud’s book offered further information. In addition to the 2019 prequel series The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, novels, comics, artwork, and video games are all part of the Dark Crystal brand.

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