The appeal of explainer videos for blockchain and cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies have been one of the fastest-growing trends over the last couple of years. No other asset has achieved so much before or since. In a little over a decade, digital money has changed from being a largely unknown holding, familiar to only a few, to a highly sought-after possession. Many investors are now seeking to diversify their portfolios with the help of crypto. The appeal comes from the belief that digital money can safeguard capital against inflation. Markets have been relatively slow in 2022, with the bearish influence felt heavily by traders throughout the world.

And while the crypto world has received several blows as well, with prices plummeting compared to 2020 and 2021 levels (when the cost of cyber coins rose by 59% and 61%, respectively, compared to previous levels), many investors have not been deterred by the crypto winter. Most are convinced that this period will pass relatively soon. Indeed, similar episodes exist in crypto history, and the digital asset market has recovered from all of them.

However, entering the world of blockchain technology can be daunting, particularly if you’re not very tech-savvy. Indeed, the developments that have made crypto possible are pretty complex, but understanding them is a necessity. In the absence of this knowledge, you cannot expect to make sound decisions during your digital money ventures. However, the solution isn’t to start reading mountains of papers and articles written about crypto. What you need is a practical and effective approach that’ll help present all the information you need in a simple, straightforward way. Enter explainer videos.

Attractive medium

One of the most obvious reasons you should use video resources when you take your first steps into the crypto world is that this type of material is more likely to keep your mind engaged and alert. If you don’t know much about a subject, starting with the difficult information right off the bat can cause your attention to drift away elsewhere. This means that it’ll take you a longer time to learn everything you need to than if you focused from the very beginning.

An explainer video reduces this problem. By combining audio effects, music, voiceovers and visuals, the message becomes more comprehensive and accessible. Indeed, research suggests that just the mention of the word “video” in an email subject line makes people more likely to click by over 10%. If you’re a business owner looking to integrate blockchain technology into your own company and would like to help your employees develop their knowledge on the subject, you’re more likely to get your point across if you use video material. When you present employees with pages full of written information, many of them feel defeated before they’ve even started. Adding visual resources is by far the less daunting approach.

Help for beginners

When it comes to investing in crypto, you probably already know that knowing the value of the coin you want to buy is very important. Support you want to trade in ETH, you should check the Ethereum price chart. These figures help you not only determine the current price point of the crypto, so you can determine the best time to buy Ethereum. They also provide a rough estimate of how the currency is likely to change in the near future. This helps you make sounder financial decisions, as you won’t fall into the trap of buying or selling only to discover that the prices following a couple of days afterwards are far more advantageous.

However, there’s perhaps no bigger advantage in crypto than learning about the decentralized ledger and coins before commencing trading. Modern attention spans tend to be shorter than in the past, and many people find the written word exceedingly boring. These are the individuals who prefer to be educated via visual content.

If you’re looking to introduce your customers to the crypto world, there’s perhaps no better option. It’s much easier to get your prospective clients to pay attention to a video on their news feed rather than a lengthy article. And since most of your customers are likely to have only a rough idea of what cryptocurrencies are, videos are the best way to present all that information in an easily digestible form.

The emotional side

Since videos are the type of content people are most likely to find engaging, you can reach an even deeper level of interaction. When you’re choosing to appeal to your customers’ or employees’ emotional side, you don’t want to fall into the trap of becoming overly dramatic or bombastic about it. This will have the opposite effect and cause your audience to suspect something disingenuous is underway.

Make your storytelling appealing by incorporating animation and an overarching message in the final product. You want to encourage conversation and open the door towards further research. The videos you provide should offer the understanding necessary for the first steps into the blockchain ecosystem and the incentive to discover more.

This method enables you to create a loyal clientele that’ll return to your business again and again. They’ll also be far more likely to choose you over your competitors. It’s one of the best examples of how a small investment can significantly influence your company’s long-term, recurring revenue.

Increased traffic

Everything is on the internet nowadays. Most people get an idea of what they want to buy or the services they’d like to try by browsing the web, mainly social media. Improving your SEO ranking is very important for business. If your page ranks higher in search engine searches, you have a competitive edge over other businesses. You stand out among companies offering similar services and have prospective customers more likely to check out your brand.

Including video material helps boost your overall popularity. So, you don’t only help contribute to expanding knowledge on blockchain and cryptocurrencies, but you also encourage business growth and development.

Explainer videos are a great way of getting your point across. Used adequately, it is arguably the perfect medium to communicate the concept of blockchain and the intricacies of the crypto industry.

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