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Tessa Brooks Before And After Weight Loss: How I Lost Weight Tessa Brooks?

Tessa Brooks, a well-known YouTube vlogger, has recently lost weight. In the process, she lost 20 pounds. Her fans and followers were surprised by the news.

They always thought Brooks was the ideal woman. But when Tessa said she had lost 20 pounds, everyone was shocked. Fans wanted to know why Brooks wanted to drop a few pounds.

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Why did Tessa Lost Weight?

So, the real question is why Tessa Brooks lost weight, to begin with. Brooks said in the video that she loves “every type of body,” but she has always thought that her own body could be better.

Tessa said that she always felt like she had a “muscly and small body” that she was always trying to change. Because if she eats too much by accident, her weight would go up. Brooks also wanted to be a better person by changing her “eating and exercise habits.”

Brooks said that whenever she was sad or didn’t feel like doing anything, she would just “eat her feelings away.” Tessa knew that all of these habits were making her gain weight in a bad way and that she had to do something about it.

Brooks had tried to lose weight in the past. “I’ve been trying to lose weight for a year,” she said. The problem is that every time I lose 5 or 10 pounds, I put them right back on. Thanks to the way I eat.” But this time, she decided to lose weight for real and keep going in that direction.

She always tells her fans that they should be happy with who they are. But she also supports the idea of “getting better with time” if you need to improve and can do it.

How Did Tessa Lose Weight?

After finding out why Tessa lost weight, her fans’ second most common question was “How did she do it?” Brooks’s way of losing weight is very interesting and, in many ways, so easy.

I bet that when you hear or read the word “weight loss,” you picture a person who is sweating a lot at the gym and only eating vegetables. Tessa didn’t lose weight that way.

She did stick to a well-thought-out diet plan. But she didn’t say much about that. Tessa also did exercise. Let’s look at her plan for food and exercise.

Diet Plan

Tessa didn’t put much pressure on herself, as was already said. She ate a diet that was healthy and lighter. In her video blog, the social media influencer said, “I stopped eating dairy. For me, giving up dairy was a big deal.”

She said, “It also helped clean my skin, which was nice.” I tried to pay close attention to what I ate. If I liked two meals at the same restaurant, I would choose the healthier one.”

Tessa said the following about her daily schedule:

She will have a smoothie for breakfast. Brooks will eat something light for lunch, like a salad or sometimes dairy-free chicken tacos. It was a great choice because four tacos only had 190 calories.
Tessa said that the hardest part was dinner. She said, “Night was the worst because I always wanted to eat everything.” But after a while, she learned to keep herself in check and would remind herself that her real goal was to lose weight.

Every weekend, she goes shopping with her mom, who is always there for her, and buys fresh vegetables and her favorite CHICKEN TACOS.

With all this healthy eating, it was only natural that healthy things would happen. Tessa was able to lose 20 pounds with the help of this simple diet.

Workout Plan

If you eat well, you also need to exercise well. Brooks knew this was true, so she started working out. Brooks is not a gym girl, which is interesting. She said, “I hate being stuck at the gym for about two hours. I’m not into that.”

She also kept this simple. At first, she went hiking, danced and worked out in her apartment. Before she does her other workouts, she does 30 minutes of cardio in a room in her apartment that she has set aside just for that purpose.

Tessa crunches, cycles, and holds a plank for two minutes. Every day, she does 20 pushups. Brooks also works out his arms and does lunge jumps. “Cardio is the most important thing.” Tessa said, “I do all these other exercises because I never want to lose my muscle.”

Before And After

Before And After
Before And After

Tessa has lost 20 pounds, so she now weighs 121 pounds. Her weight before was close to 140 pounds.

What Did Tessa Say About Losing Weight?

Tessa made a list of all the good things about losing weight. “I don’t tire out as quickly. My brain works better. I just have more energy.”

She explained why she decided to lose weight by saying, “I wanted to be healthy and losing weight was awesome and great, but I think every body type is beautiful.” You are beautiful just the way God made you. Just pay attention to your health.”

She cares about her fans. In one of her YouTube videos, she talked about the whole process of how she lost weight.

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