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IPL 2020? Here's What CSK's CEO Has To Say - The Tech Education
Suresh Raina
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Suresh Raina Returns To UAE For IPL 2020? Here’s What CSK’s CEO Has To Say

The demand for Suresh Raina is at its peak, and all the fans are missing him on the field. However, the CEO of CSK said that Raina would not be able to play for any team. But there’s a surprise for fans which is yet to be revealed.

What Does The CEO Of CSK Have To Say About Raina’s Decision?

During the interview, the CEO said that Raina is not available and adds that they respect his decision and his personal space. He also said that they are not thinking to force him to play in this season.

Vishwanathan, CEO of CSK, said that he could assure all that CSK’s fans that he will return. He also said that its a game and every day is not the same and his teammates him very well.

Since the day, Raina started to play for CSK; he has been the essential part of the team for years. He is known for Second highest score runner in the history of IPL.

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Why Suresh Raina Rejected To Play With CSK?

Raina was all fit and ready to play with CSK in the UAE, But there was an accident with Suresh’s uncle. The reports further revealed that Raina’s uncle was murdered. Therefore he has to return to India. He left UAE within a few days before the beginning of the tournament.

CSK lost their match against Delhi Capitals, and in response to this, Dhoni said that they lacked at batting. During an interview, he said that they are a bit steam when it comes to batting and that’s painful for the team. He adds that they need to make a clear picture and look for its combinations.

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