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nky, b, a, t, 7yc, dfj, qbf, c, FIFA: List Of Top 10 Free-Kick Legends Of FIFA 21 Video Game - The Tech Education
Source: SkySpots

FIFA: List Of Top 10 Free-Kick Legends Of FIFA 21 Video Game

To the surprise of absolutely nobody, Lionel Messi is the best free-kick taker on FIFA 21.

The six-time Ballon d’Or winner, who is also the highest-rated player in the FIFA, has scored an incredible 47 free-kicks in Barcelona colours – with another ten coming for Argentina.

FIFAWith his “ankle-spraining” technique, Messi’s accuracy, above all, from dead-ball situations is so good that opposition teams have resorted to putting players on the line to try and stop him.

In other words, it’s only right that his free-kick prowess, adequately reflected in the EA Sports video game, where he has a ridiculous 94 free-kick accuracy.

In addition to Messi, we have another player close to his accuracy. Second on the list is Dani Parejo, who made a shock move to Villarreal from Valencia in the summer. The Spaniard has 93 free-kick accuracies that of one better than Messi’s new Barcelona teammate and set-piece specialist Miralem Pjanic.

List Of Top FIFA 21 Players:

Enis Bardhi of Levante and Sebastian Giovinco of Al Hilal both similarly have 91 free-kick accuracies, with free-kick king Shunsuke Nakamura given 91 for his set-piece taking abilities. However, The Celtic and Japanese legend, now 42, is back in the game after Yokohama FC promoted to the J1 League last season.

Football’s most expensive ever player Neymar is, however, in the seventh spot, sharing 89 accuracies with Southampton’s set-piece expert James Ward-Prowse.

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There’s no place in the top ten for Liverpool right-back Trent Alexander-Arnold. However, he scored three goals from free-kicks in 2019/20.

1. Lionel Messi (FC Barcelona) – 94 accuracy

2. Dani Parejo (Valencia) – 93 accuracy

3. Miralem Pjanic (Barcelona) – 92 accuracy

4. Enis Bardhi (Levante) – 91 accuracy

5. Sebastian Giovinco (Al Hilal) – 91 accuracy

6. Shunsuke Nakamura (Yokohama FC) – 90 accuracy

7. Neymar (PSG) – 89 accuracy

8. James Ward-Prowse (Southampton) – 89 accuracy

9. Robert Skov (Hoffenheim) – 89 accuracy.

10. Ruslan Malinovskyi (Atalanta) – 88 accuracy

In Conclusion, we can say that the FIA 21 video game reflect the reality to a close aspect.

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