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Chicago: A Three Year Old Girl Mercilessly Beaten To Death By Mother’s Boyfriend, Accuse Flees After The Act

The Crime rate around the world is increasing day by day. It seems like nobody is safe and that is what happened in Chicago.

Three Year Old Girl Killed By Mother’s Boyfriend In Chicago

A 23 year old man committed a heinous crime as he because he became the reason for the death of a three year old. So this incident took place in Chicago. The mother of the three year old left her with her boyfriend Terrance Space. And he was meant to babysit the three year old girl Lehlani Edwards.

Source: Daily Mirror

As per her mother Terrance was babysitting the girl from evening 6 to midnight. But he suddenly called her up saying Lehlani is not responding to anything. And that she is not opening her eyes.

The Cause Of Death

So as per the medical reports the toddler died of heart attack and brain hemorrhage. And which was caused by the injury done to her by Terrance. As soon as her mother rushed in she found Lehlani injured and then took her to hospital.


But unfortunately couldn’t save her. As she breathed her last at around 1.30 am. Although Terrance had fled after committing the crime but Chicago police has managed to catch him . And has arrested him for third degree murder

But he has not yet confessed his crime. Therefore his motive behind killing this little toddler is not yet clear.

This heinous and barbaric act by Terrance is really unforgivable. Killing a harmless three year old is a murder of humanity and nothing else. As per the mother she and Terrence have been dating from the very beginning of this year.

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And he had never made her doubt his intentions. So it is quite difficult for her to make out on why did he do this to her only child.

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