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Update: Americans Are Shocked On Not Yet Receiving A Second Payment. When Can You Expect To Receive Yours? -
Stimulus Check
Source: Forbes
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Stimulus Check Update: Americans Are Shocked On Not Yet Receiving A Second Payment. When Can You Expect To Receive Yours?

Stimulus Check
Source: KOLR

Lately, news of the second Stimulus check has been on the rise, but they are nowhere to be seen. Americans are still expecting the second round of checks to be delivered by the IRS.

Both the chambers of the Congress and the White House agree on the need for the stimulus checks as well as the unemployment relief. But the problem of them not being able to come to terms remain.

The delay is occurring due to the innumerable tacked-on policies that both the Democrats and the Republicans wish to accommodate in the relief bill.

Why Are The Checks, The Need Of The Hour?

At the moment, while the whole world is trying to fight the pandemic, the U.S. taxpayers are suffering. Many people are facing the pandemic with the added stress of sudden unemployment, reduced hours at or reduced earnings at their businesses.

The additional payment, which was supposed to arrive months ago, would help tackle the unprecedented hardships.

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Further Updates

Stimulus Check
Source: ABC7.com

On Friday, President Donald Trump said that the White House is searching for means to provide stimulus funding independent of a congressional bill. Like utilizing the money that accounts for the emergency pandemic programs.

Negotiations to reach an ultimatum have been inactive for almost one month despite bipartisan talks for a compromise on the size and extent of the package. Republicans are likely to give a much smaller relief bill, worth $500 billion after the Senate assembles the following week. But it is unlikely to pass the House of Representatives.

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There is also the possibility of a later bill which will include a check. But that again will result in a broader shift in the timeline.

If the second stimulus check does come to play, the Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin, stated that the IRS can start sending them within a week.

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When Could The Second Stimulus Checks Go Out?

Here are the potential dates on which you may receive your second stimulus check from the IRS:

Date passed by Senate The Date passed by House Date signed The First checks sent
The Original CARES Act 25th March 26th March 27th March 15th April
If the Senate passes In case the House passes If President signs The First checks may be sent
The Final negotiated bill 11th Sept. 16th Sept. 17th Sept. Week of Sept. 28
30th Sept. 1st Oct. 2nd Oct. Week of Oct. 12
16th Oct. 19th Oct. 20th Oct. Week of Nov. 2
If they sign order The direct deposit         may start First paper check may start First EIP cards may start
The Presidential order 12th Sept. Week of Sept. 21 Week of Sept. 28 Week of Oct. 19

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