Daniel Prude
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Grand Jury Has Been Appointed By NY Attorney To Investigate The Killing Of Black Man Daniel Prude.

The death of Black American Daniel Prude in the hands of Rochester police to be investigated by grand jury. And the Attorney General of New York has made this decision.

Grand Jury Appointed By NY Attorney

The Attorney General of New York Letitia James has taken the decision to call a grand jury. And that is to investigate the death of Daniel Prude. As he died in the hands of the Rochester Police.

Daniel Prude
Source: ag.ny.gov

And this incident took place back in March. But no proper investigation ever took place. Therefore James said that a proper investigation is a need of the hour. Moreover she said that Prude and his family deserves justice. Although he died in May but his family actually spoke about what had happened with him quite recently.

And that led to protests by people who want justice for him like they same protests going on for other black Americans like George Floyd. In lieu of the ongoing protests Attorney General James said that she has called for a special jury who will look into the case from the very beginning.

And assured that Prude’s family will get justice.

Who Was Daniel Prude?

Daniel Prude was a 41 year old black American who lived in Chicago. But had come to visit his brother in Rochester in March. But after that Prude started behaving odd. As his mental health deteriorated and on March 23 he started running naked in the streets. And that is when his brother called the Rochester Police for help.

Daniel Prude
Source: CNN

As the police came the arrested Prude. But was it the end? No.

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As his was struggling with the cops he asked for their guns. Spitted on the streets. And that is when a Rochester Officer covered his head with a hood. Thus after a few while he stopped moving. As he was suffocated.

He passed away on March 30 in the hospital. But this merciless act by the Rochester police didn’t come to notice until recently.

As his family held a press conference and revealed a video footage showing the arrest of Prude. And now the protests by the people is becoming more and more violent.

Because all everybody wants is justice against these barbaric acts of the police against black Americans.

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