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06w, 7t, fya, iy, q9, Stephen Fleming Speaks In Favour Of MSD, says "People expect MS to do what he’s done in past, it doesn’t happen like that" -
Stephen Fleming and MSD
Source: Rediff.com
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Stephen Fleming Speaks In Favour Of MSD, says “People expect MS to do what he’s done in past, it doesn’t happen like that”

Stephen Fleming
Source: Cricket Yahoo

MSD has been criticised left to right for his decision to come at no. 7 in the match against RR.

Now, the head coach of CSK, Stephen Fleming, comes to the front to support MSD following immense criticism after the skipper came out to bat at No.7 when they played against RR.

Fleming says that people always expect Dhoni to come out and start hitting those match-winning shots, but it can’t possibly happen every time.

He says “MSD is one of the players that hasn’t played much cricket in the last year-and-a-half. Everyone expects MSD to come out and do what he has done in the past. It doesn’t just happen. It takes a bit of work,”

“… a part of his process of getting up to speed is his game time, and that (match against RR) was really the first time that he’d batted in the middle apart from a couple of balls against Mumbai Indians.”

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What Prompted Fleming To Come In Defense Of MSD?

Source: The Statesman

Many have been targeting Dhoni since the match, including Gautam Gambhir, and Kevin Pietersen.

While Gambhir said that MSD was not leading from the front, Pieterson states that he doesn’t agree to Dhoni’s justification behind coming in at No.7.

Fleming further says that as the tournament proceeds, MSD will keep getting “better and better”.

But to expect him to come in and get 70 runs off of 30 balls is a very tough ask. He says that the team has some great players who are in good form and can do that task.

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Fleming believes that the trick is to value what each player can bring to the table and also respecting Dhoni as one of a kind player is important.

When CSK was chasing the massive total of 217 runs against RR, Dhoni came out at no. 7 when they still needed 103 runs from 38 balls.

MSD remained unbeaten on 29 off 17 balls as CSK by 16 runs.

The three-time IPL winning skipper would be looking to change his game plan against DC today.

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