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Skipper Virat Kohli Says He's Ready To Take The Burnt Of The Loss -
Source: Free Press Journal
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RCB Skipper Virat Kohli Says He’s Ready To Take The Burnt Of The Loss

Source: DNA India

RCB skipper Virat Kohli was probably the most disappointed after losing the match against Kings XI Punjab in the sixth match of the IPL tournament.

He dropped KL Rahul’s catch, not once but twice– first in the 17th over at deep square-leg when he scored 83 runs and then later in the 18th over when his score was 89.

Those missed chances proved deadly as Rahul went on to play a remarkable innings of 132 runs.

KXIP managed to put a great total of 206 runs on the board.

Later, when it was Kohli’s time to shine with the bat, he failed to do that and was dismissed for 1 run by Cottrell.

RCB only managed to put 109 runs on board and were bowled out in the 17th over. KXIP won by  97 runs, thereby giving themselves their first win in IPL 2020.

Those drop-catches of Kohli did not cost RCB them the whole match. But it did dampen the spirit of the boys in the first innings.

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What Did RCB Skipper, Virat Kohli Had To Say About The Game?

Source: DNA India

After the game, Kohli said that he is ready to take the brunt and move forward in the series.

RCB skipper said in the post-match presentation, “I have to stand in front and take the brunt of it, not the best day in the office, couple of important chances of KL when he was set and that cost us 35-40 runs at a later stage.”

He further adds that the game did not go well for his team. He says that they were in a good position in the middle point of the game with the ball. But KXIP got off to a brilliant start, and RCB could not hold them back.

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“There are days when these kind of things happen on the cricket field, they happen, and we have to accept them. We have had a good game, we have had a bad game, and now it is time to move on. Learn from the mistakes we make. We did pretty well closing in on the second time out.”

Rahul’s brilliant innings of 132 runs from 69 balls consisted of 14 boundaries and 7 sixes.

He also went ahead of Rishabh Pant to put the highest individual score by an Indian in IPL history.

Rahul played his 60th innings and also became the fastest Indian to reach the 2000 IPL runs.

What’s more, is Rahul managed to break Sachin Tendulkar’s record, who reached this milestone in his 63rd match.

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