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058, kx, j, d8, ha, v, The Girl Next Door " Bridget Marquardt" Wishing You A Very Happy Birthday ! 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Bridget Marquardt
Source : eonline.com
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The Girl Next Door ” Bridget Marquardt” Wishing You A Very Happy Birthday ! Check Out How Amazing She Is In Her Real Life

Bridget Marquardt is an American personality and model, famous for her role in the TV series The Girl Next Door which depicts as her one life one of the Playboy founder Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends.

Well, not a Playboy Playmate Marquardt seemed in some nude pictorials with her Girls Next Door co-star and fellow mate Hefner Girlfriends Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson. And she is again enter in the Playboy’s Millennium Playmate search in 1998. She is invited to Playboy Mansion and soon become regular there.

Marquardt featured in the TV show E! She done several films, including the horror /comedy Kottentail in which she portrays as scientists doing some genetic research on rabbits.
While today she is currently working as a Paranormal investigator.  And in early 2019 she started the podcast about GHOST MAGNET with Bridget Marquardt.

Bridget Marquardt- Personal Life

Bridget Marquardt
Source : eonline.com

On the September 17, 2007, issue of Star magazine, Marquardt state that she is married. But separated then had been living in the Playboy mansion since October 2002. According to the interview, her husband supported her move to Los Angeles. That they remained friends, and that they were in the process of divorcing.

In a December 2008 interview, Marquardt stated that she is single, and in early January 2009, it is report that Marquardt move out of the Playboy Mansion to “become her person.”

In late 2008, Marquardt began dating director Nicholas Carpenter, son of original Mercury astronaut Scott Carpenter. They live together in a house Marquardt purchased in Sherman Oaks. But,the pair became engaged in the fall of 2015.

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As seen on various episodes of The Girls Next Door,  But, Marquardt has a Pekingese dog named Wednesday, or “Winnie”,[14] and a black Persian cat named Gizmo. Gizmo died in June 2015.

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