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Song Da Eun Dating in 2022: Who is Song Da-eun Boyfriend? Her Dating History

South Korean actress Song Da Eun is well-known for her parts in several K-dramas. She turned 31 on June 14, 1991, making Jimin her younger by five years. She began acting in 2014, making her screen debut in The Handmaiden in 2016. She gained notoriety when she participated in Season 2 of the dating reality series Heart Signal.

After joining the series, all of the contestants on the show see their popularity soar. After her appearance on the reality show, Song Da Eun actually began to receive a ton of casting offers for various productions, according to Koreaboo.

In 2019, she next made an appearance in Dear My Room, another reality series. Can’t Lose, Hold My Hand, Wednesday 3:30 PM, Be Melodramatic, Once Again, and More Than Friends are a few of the K-dramas she worked on.

Song Da Eun Dating History?

Song Da Eun dated TV personality Jung Jae Ho prior to dating rumors involving BTS Jimin.

According to Soompi, the two first met on Heart Signal 2 and hit it off from the start. When the series ended, they became a couple and were in a relationship for five months. Following that, it was revealed that Song Da Eun and Jung Jae Ho had split up in November 2018. Rumors about their breakup began two months before their split when they unfollowed each other on social media due to an alleged fight. The split was later confirmed by Song Da Eun’s agency.

Are BTS’ Jimin And Song Da Eun Dating?

The netizen who shared evidence about Song Da Eun and jimin’s romance started the dating rumor According to Koreaboo, the two allegedly wore the same earrings on the same day, June 29. On July 8, they also posted Instagram stories. On June 14, Song Da Eun’s birthday, they all went to the same soccer game. The actress also saw the film Allied, which Jimin recommended to her.

Jimin once stated that in his spare time, he would like to plant peonies and rubber trees. These were said to be Song Da Eun’s favorite plants. Jimin’s nickname inspired the two to name their pets “Gangyangee.” Song Da Eun mentioned the date October 13 during a Q&A session on Instagram. Jimin’s birthday is on the specified date.

Song Da Eun also opened a coffee shop with the number five in its name. The number is thought to be Jimin’s among the BTS members, and when she posted a photo of the location, she captioned it with a purple heart. Finally, the alleged couple was allegedly in possession of a couple’s necklace. So, are the rumors about Song Da Eun and Jimin true?

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