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Solo Leveling Anime Officially Confirmed: Release Date Status, Plot, Trailer And Everything We Know

Even though the manga version of Solo Leveling ended, some fans said they were sad. Solo Leveling is a webtoon version of the online book I Alone Level Up. It was made by Chugong, who also wrote I Alone Level Up. Tapas just released a statement saying they will only be taking a short break before releasing the special chapters, which they hope will improve the ending. The news that our favorite manhwa series will be made into an anime is one of the most exciting things we’ve heard so far. The information came from Weibo, which is a popular social media site in China. From what we’ve seen, Solo Leveling is on track to be the most popular anime series in 2023.

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Solo Leveling Anime Release Date Information

At the Crunchyroll Anime Expo 2022 Industry Panel, the original manga artist DUBU (REDICE Studio) confirmed that there will be an anime based on Solo Leveling. Even though a specific date hasn’t been given, it’s likely to come out sometime in 2023.

As we already thought, based on insider news, that an anime was being made in 2022, it turns out that we were right. More quickly than expected, the Solo Leveling anime is coming.

With a promotional poster and an official trailer, Crunchyroll Anime Expo announced the release date and staff on its official Twitter account. A-1 Pictures will make the anime adaptation. Tomoko Sudo will design the characters, and Shunsuke Nakashige will be in charge of the direction. The first season will have 12 episodes, all of which will be available on Netflix, Crunchyroll (with English subtitles), and Aniplex. Solo Leveling anime season 1 will be available on Netflix with English dubs and subs.

The quality of the anime is expected to be god-level. If it’s not, fans will stop watching, and Solo Leveling will end up like other famous webcomics that were turned into anime.A-1 Pictures is known for animating popular anime like Blue Exorcist, Anohana, Fairy Tail, Swords Art, Fate series, Kaguya Sama, 86, etc. So, we can expect a classic illustration in Solo Leveling.

The manhwa is being made into an anime series because this is one of the most popular anime series. Too many people want to see Solo Leveling as an anime, and the people who are making it can get a big group of people to watch it. Nagatoro got an anime, Komi is getting an anime, and also Jahy-sama is getting an anime. There are already a lot of people who can’t wait for the Solo Leveling anime, which is why millions of fans have signed the Solo Leveling anime petition on

But fans’ efforts don’t seem to be paying off. The anime version of the Redice Studio web novel hasn’t been confirmed yet, but fans should keep hoping because good things take time.

Also, popular manhwas like Noblesse, God of High School, and The Tower of God have already been turned into anime in 2021. Even though they have failed horribly, we can’t think that our favorite Sung Jin-Woo series will do the same. Fans check every day to see what’s going on with Solo Leveling and hope for the best.

What to expect from the anime Solo Leveling?

After the appearance of “gates” that connect the world of monsters to the world of people, a small number of people have gained superhuman powers to protect themselves from the monsters. The main character of the story, Sung Jin-woo, is a low-ranking hunter who is barely stronger than a normal person. He is the weakest hunter in all of South Korea.

What to expect from the anime Solo Leveling?
What to expect from the anime Solo Leveling?

One day, he and some other hunters get stuck in a dangerous and rare twin dungeon, and only a few of them make it out alive and are able to flee. Even though Sung Jin-woo “dies,” he makes it through all of the tests in this dungeon. Then, he wakes up in a hospital and finds that he is now a “participant” who can see an interface with quests, stats, stock, store, levels, and the unique ability to get stronger and stronger over time.

Sung Jin-Woo starts out on a journey to become the strongest hunter on the planet and figure out the mystery of the monster world. Sung Jinwoo was the weakest and could barely make a living in the world of Hunters with special magical skills. But life gave him a chance to show he was the strongest by giving him the supreme power of “Player.” But with great power comes great responsibility, and so goes on an adventure to level up his system and become the best in the world.

Solo Leveling Trailer

The official trailer for the Solo Leveling anime has been released. Since fans came up with their own animations and D&C Webtoon gave a sneak peek at the story, the manhwa has a great animation with a lot of cool stuff and fights.

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Will Solo Leveling be made into an anime?

DUBU added: “Solo Leveling is getting its first ever anime show. We feel like we just got the offer for the anime adaptation yesterday.” When I think that the anime is really being made right now, I feel like I can’t handle it. All of this is because of you fans who love Solo Leveling and help it grow.

Is Solo Leveling getting a film adaptation?

Often seen on Variety. Kakao Entertainment, which is part of the Korean tech company Kakao, announced on Monday that it will make a movie version of the popular webtoon Solo Leveling.

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