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Solace In Jaden Smith After Her Ugly Split With Scott Disick - The Tech Education
Sofia Richie
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Sofia Richie Finds Solace In Jaden Smith After Her Ugly Split With Scott Disick

American model turned designer Sofia Richie has been on the headlines for two reason. The first one is, her breakup with Scott Disick and second is her link up rumors with Singer Jaden Smith.

Sofia Richie Finds Solace In Jaden Smith

There has been rumors about Jaden and Sofia’s alleged relationship. As the duo are frequently spotting hanging out together. And are never shy to express their fondness for each other. But are they romantically involved?

Sofia Richie
Source: Daily Mail

All the rumors started when Sofia and Jaden were clicked at the Los Angeles beach. As the were seen getting cozy with each other. As per sources, the looked as if they are deeply in love with each other.

Apart from that both of them also go on many other intimate outings more often. As we know that Richie has recently broken up with Scott Disick and is quite heartbroken. Therefore it seems like she finds solace in Jaden and hence choses to spend most of her time with him.

Jaden Smith’s Reaction On The Rumors

Recently during a virtual interview Jaden opened up about his relationship with Sofia. He said they have been friends for more than 10 years. And are very fond of each other.

Sofia Richie
Source: Getty Images

They count on each other for many things. Thus reacting to the relationship rumors he said that it is normal for close friends to go on frequent outings. And that really does not mean that they are romantically involved. Apart from that he also said that he is lucky to have a friend like her.

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And will be always by her. Apart from that he said that these relationship rumors are unexpected. Because they were childhood friends and it gets embarrassing when they actually encounter baseless rumors of this kind.

Breakup With Scott Disick

Sofia and Scott Disick parted ways in August due to personal conflicts. According to the sources, Sofia tried her best to make it work with Scott but he put no efforts.

Sofia Richie
Source: popculture.com

Therefore after a troubled on and off relationship they finally decided to end it officially. And it is said that they are not in talking terms anymore after their breakup. Now after their breakup, Scott has been spotted hanging out with his new rumored lady love Bella Banos.

And this has left Sofia heartbroken. Bella and Scott were recently spotted going for a romantic dinner. Therefore it is obvious that at such a situation one will seek for solace. And that is when she turned to Jaden. Although both of them are in denial of being romantically involved.

And maybe that is not completely false. Because one can even rely on a close friend for mental solace. But we never know , this friendship might turn into a beautiful relationship in coming years. Because undoubtedly Jaden and Sofia would slay as a pair! As for now Sofia is just focusing on herself so as to move on from her recent heartbreak.

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