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Selena Gomez On Mental Health: Said Beauty Can Destroy A Healthy Mind

Selena Gomez is a famous singer, actor, music producer, and also a mental health advocate to spread its awareness. However, celebrating the eve World Mental Health Day, i.e. October 10, she wrote an article upon the essential things about the same.

What Did Selena Gomez Wrote On Mental Health Issue?

In the article, she explained how mental health issue is essential to her and also why she decided to launch a beauty line. All the expressions and feelings which are written below is by Selena Gomez.

Selena said that people’s mind is still and continuously filled with images and social media posts, which triggers them that they need to achieve more. She then said that she has always been open about her mental health struggles, and she felt less now.

How Growing As A Celebrity Affects The livelyhood?

Gomez described how growing as a celebrity involves a lot of pressure. So why it’s so difficult to be raised as a celebrity? In response to this, she said that it’s even worst in the early years. With this, she said to imagine being judged by people in every aspect of life and the decisions you make.

However, she claimed that these people’s judgments had made her firm, and she doesn’t regret it either. She feels lucky to be in such a platform where she can create a difference. But this does not conclude that she didn’t have any mental disorder.

Gomez has also revealed about her mental health issues, and she even found that there are people who suffer from the same problem. She said that it’s a problem that has become very close to her heart. Over the past few months, Selena has always tried to raise her voice about mental health. However, she is trying her best to encourage people to cherish their uniqueness.

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Gomez then wrote that there are so many issues that are being neglected in the society. Although people ignore the problem and act in a certain way. She then said that social media had been a significant influence on criticizing and developing the idea of perfect. These platforms destroy validation and comfort, which, as a result, people feel much lonelier.

The Ice-cream singer album then said that if anyone is struggling with the same mental health issues, then they are not alone.

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Gomez Is Planning To Raise Funds To Create A Huge Impact

In her article, she wrote that her team is committed to raising funds with other communities and partners, which will go directly to the Rare Impact Fund. The funds will motivate expert advisors from leading universities and other companies to create the most significant impact.

She then ends the note by saying that every people should find the power within themselves. Gomez then told that they should embrace for being unique and stop comparing yourselves with others. Instead, love yourselves just the way you are.

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