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Scarra- League Of Legends, Reveals Offline TV Secrets

Well, today where everyone is freaking out due to this current pandemic situation. We all are rushing for something that could distract us from all the disgust happening around us.

Offline TV was is a boon for all the entertainment buffs consisting of people like us to give us fun doses to add some fun turns to our lives.

Offline TV is one of the most dominating names when we think of an entertainment interface. It consists of content creators from Los Angeles, California. Current members include-Scarra who is also the co-founder of Offline TV, Pokimane, Lily Pichu, Disguised Toast, Yvonnie, Michael Reeves.

All the members live in the same house. There is also news of Cops crashing in the house and to frisk the rooms of the league of legends (Scarra). But, Scarra even clarified this, giving the fans of Offline TV a sigh of relief.

Recent there was a lot of fizz regarding the former member Fedmyster.  He was kicked out of the offline Tv house due to some confirmed allegations imposed by the co-members of the team. All this really left the members of the house to face a sort of mental trauma.

This whole episode has left a vacuum in the members. They are looking for a way out of this whole incident. Scarra posted a video regarding his intervention with Fedmyster.  Scarra explained that Fed was accused of sexually harassing the female members.

The allegations were confirmed when the other female members confirmed his act of sexual misconduct.

It is evident enough that it is a harsh time for offline TV but, they need to get through all sooner or later. Scarra shares all these secrets behind Offline TV and all this is creating a lot of fizz in the fans.

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