Sharon Watts Weight Loss Before And After Images: Fans Are Shocked ‘Star Dropped 4 Dress Sizes In Four Months

Fans of EastEnders are curious about Sharon Watts’ improved physique following her drastic weight loss. Since the soap’s debut, Letitia Dean has played Sharon, and she recently made news for her newly discovered thin figure.

One fan shared several images of Letitia as Sharon in an EastEnders Facebook group. She appears in it with her long blonde hair falling over her shoulders while wearing a chic green shirt, tight black pants, and black stiletto shoes.

The admirer commented, “Sharon’s looking fabulous,” and others quickly added their opinions. “What’s her Secret?,” one person asked, while another said, “It doesn’t matter how she dropped weight! She suddenly appears healthier.” Letitia has previously been vocal about her battles with weight. The Express claims that she has previously tried “the Atkins diet, the cabbage soup diet, and a truly nasty eggs-only diet.”

The celebrity even acknowledged participating in Strictly Come Dancing to shed weight. “The main reason I [signed up was that I] wanted to do something about my figure. I was so sick of extreme dieting and my weight yo-yoing.”

Letitia recently discussed eating “healthy” food like “Pitta bread with a grilled skinless chicken breast, for instance, and lots of greens,” revealing it was “incredible”: “I found I had so much more energy than when I used to eat junk food.”

Her weight loss isn’t the only reason she looks great, according to fans. Commenting on the photos, one fan wrote “She looks fantastic, she should wear colors more often instead of black all the time, it really suits her.”

Another added: “Yes, she’s starting to wear more colors” and a third fan wrote, “Looks lovely now.” Letitia has played Walford since 1985 and originally stayed on until 1995.

She returned for her current run in 2012 after playing the same part from 2001 to 2006. As viewers gain more understanding of her relationship with Sam Mitchell, they learn that Sharon has recently been looking at Phil Mitchell’s business while he has been incarcerated.

A Look At Letitia Dean Throughout The Years.


Dean has been a part of EastEnders from the show’s inception; she was about 18 at the time.


Other than BBC Soap, Dean’s other notable roles were on The Hello Girls (1996–1998), and Lucy Sullivan Is Getting Married (1999-2000).

Here she is pictured in character as The Hello Girls’ Chris Cross.


On Strictly Come Dancing, she finished in fourth place. Her primary driving force behind joining the show was to “do something” about her physique.


In a Snow White pantomime, Dean portrayed the Wicked Queen in 2009.



Found during a supermarket run.


In March, Prince Charles paid a visit to the EastEnders set.

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