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School 2017 Season 2 What Will Be The Release Date & Cast? Find Here


School 2017 stars Kim Jung-Hyun, Kim Se-Jeong, Jang Dong-Yoon, Han Sun-Hwa, and Han Joo-wan from South Korea. From July 17 until September 5, 2017, it aired at 22:00 KST on Mondays and Tuesdays on KBS2.  It’s the sixth installment of the KBS2 school series.

One of Korea’s most popular comedies, KBS’ School 2017, has wrapped up its 16-episode run. There was a happy ending for the on-screen couple and their pals at the conclusion of the show.

Ra Eun Ho and Hyun Tae Woon were able to establish their innocence with the help of Director Hyun Kang Woo, despite the difficulties they faced in episode 16. The male protagonist’s dad wanted to get rid of the female protagonist and her partner at first.

As a result, the school’s affluent and influential director decided that he would rather give up than risk losing everything in life. Han Soo Ji’s advice helped him to see his mistakes in the light of day.

School 2017 Storyline

As a group of teenagers in a high-stress, dishonest system, they must deal with the stress of being assessed only on their test scores and coping with the hardships of being a teenager. ‘Student X,’ a mystery school bully, is the main focus of Ra Eun-ho (Kim Se-Jeong), a cheerful and good-hearted 18-year-old who dreams of becoming a webtoon writer.

When she is suspected of being Student X and risks expulsion from the institution, her plans to study art are in jeopardy. The director’s son, Hyun Tae-Woon (Kim Jung-Hyun), lives a carefree life despite the fact that he’s been through a lot. An exceptionally gifted high school student (Jang Dong-Yoon) is unable to attend the university of his choice because of his financial situation.School 2017 Season 2 plot

School 2017 Cast

  • HUN TAE WOON (Hyun Tae Woon) / STUDENT X KIM JUNG-HYUN- The rambunctious son of the school’s director. When it comes to schooling, his father is a big no-no for him. A motorbike accident claimed the life of his closest friend Joon-ki after he saved Eun-ho from a burning bus. Student X is shown to be the love interest of both Eun-ho and him.
  • Kim Se-Jeong portrays Ra Eun-ho.- An 18-year-old high school student who dreams of becoming a webtoon artist despite a poor academic record. This girl is the daughter of a chicken business owner, and she hails from a middle-class family.
  • As Jang Dong-yoon, Song Dae-hwi takes on the role.- The school’s student body president. Despite coming from a poor family, he looks to be a model student who always performs at the top of his class. He’s seeing Hong Nam-Joo, a poor girl who claims to be rich since she comes from a wealthy family. He and Tae-Woon and Joon-ki were great buddies before the accident. It became tight between Ki and Tae-Woon following Joon’s death.
  • Han Joo-wan portrays the role of Shim Kang-myung.- Class 2-1’s form teacher, he has a real concern for his students and always has faith in them, despite the advice of the rest of the faculty. It’s difficult for him to voice his mind in front of those in positions of power. Han Soo-ji, a police officer, captures his heart.
  • Han Sun-Hwa plays Han Soo-ji in this film.- t’s a detective from the police department who is sent to the school’s police department after he was demoted for mishandling an investigation. She’s an excellent investigator that adheres to all rules to the letter. Eventually, she falls in love with her instructor, Shim Kang-Myung.

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School 2017 Season 2 Release Date

Season 2 has yet to be announced by the show’s makers, but we hope it will be soon. Since the series’ conclusion in season 1, fans have been eagerly awaiting any word on what will happen in season 2. They made sure that no rumors or spoilers were out there before announcing the premiere date of season 2.

In terms of the ratings, Season 1 did very well and had a lasting influence on the show’s viewership. We’re expecting to hear more about this shortly. It doesn’t matter when it comes out, The Pop Times will be the first to tell you about it. So, be on the lookout for further information!

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