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bqr, u, v, 4, dp9, qb, dq, 4, 33v, 1i, fq, jzy, w, 4e7, p, bi, jj, kl, Robin Uthappa Used His Saliva To Ball, Will That Counts For Offending Covid-19 Safety Measures During IPL 2020? - The Tech Education
Robin Uthappa
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Robin Uthappa Used His Saliva To Ball, Will That Counts For Offending Covid-19 Safety Measures During IPL 2020?

Robin Uthappa from the team Rajasthan Royals has recently found that he used his saliva on a cricket ball. However, the IPL authority noticed this act when Rajasthan Royals team had a match against the Kolkata Knight Riders.

Why And When Robin Uthappa Did Such Act Which Goes Against The Safety Measure Of COVID-19?

The reports say that Uthappa performed this act after his 5th delivery of third over. Although, it was clear that, Uthappa used his saliva and rubbed the ball. He then passed the same ball to the bowler. As a matter of fact, Uthappa missed a catch. Therefore he applied his saliva to enhance its grip.

The act was unintentional and not any player would ever do that in such hectic situation during the pandemic. However, the players are not fully aware or adjusted with the norms and regulations during this pandemic.

The act of applying saliva on a ball is still a massive offence concerning Covid-19 safety measures. But this act by Uthappa will become more interesting when he is penalised.

However, Kolkata Knight Riders defeated the Rajasthan Royals with just 37 runs. This loss became Rajasthan Royals’ first loss in IPL 2020.

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The Star Players Of Kolkata Knight Riders Who Defeated Rajasthan Royals


The star players of KKR named Shivam Mavi and Kamlesh Nagarkoti took almost two wickets apiece. However, Cummins was removed by the Smith at the first match. Mavi on the other side, showcased his skills professionally and created tension among the Rajasthan Royals. Royals did not perform so well, except Tom Curran’s 54 off 36 balls.

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After the match, Mavi said that, during the beginning of his deliveries, it quite seemed for him. He then said that he decided to stick with his regular lines and lengths and thought it would be flatter.

Mavi said that he has played with these big superstars, but they missed every delivery.

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