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-
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IPL 2020: KKR Pacers Upstage Jofra Archer’s Greatness As RR Lose

Source: sportsgrasp.com

On Wednesday’s IPL match, Archer was sensational on a surprisingly fast wicket.

The slow-turning predictions did not necessarily come true on Wednesday’s evidence.

Archer’s breezy action with the ball belies pace and hostility even in the IPL format that is mainly cut out for batsmen.

How Did The IPL Match Between RR And KKR Pan Out?

Source: DNA India

Archer bowled 150 kph consistently and made KKR batsmen struggle under pressure.

It took England skipper Eoin Morgan to provide the late thrust.

Shubman Gill was seen producing another gem at the top (47 – 34b).

Archer gave one run in the 1st over and then went on to take a wicket for one run in the 12th over of this IPL match.

The extra bounce of the ball drew a top edge from Gill and Archer virtually pushed away wicket-keeper, Jos Buttler, to take the skied return catch.

In the 14th over, Archer gave two runs, but skipper Dinesh Karthik (KKR) had no clue as edged a ball that moved away late, taking the outside edge.

KKR finally scored a boundary in Archer’s last over.

They finished on 174/6 before their pacers took charge to leave RR reeling.

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KKR’s 37–run win helped them rise to the second position in the points table.

During the break, Archer said “Horses for courses”, pointing to the pace-friendly pitch.

He also said that his side might have gifted 15 extra runs in that IPL match.

He believed that RR could have readily conceded at least 50 more runs.

Source: The National

Once again, Pat Cummins showed why KKR made him the costliest buy at the last auctions, bowling a sensational opening spell.

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He drew the inside-edge of Steve Smith and then he left it to Shivam Mavi and Kamlesh Nagarkoti to take over the match.

Both proved fruitful as they were able to put on some show, with wickets and catches as well.

Mavi first surprised the amazing Sanju Samson with the extra bounce that resulted in a lofted catch to midwicket.

Buttler survived Cummins, only for Mavi to draw the edge with a wide ball, that he took at backward point.

Nagarkoti then delivered two more wickets in quick succession.

Lastly, Gill took a low catch at point to take off Riyan Parag.

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