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CSK's CEO Declared That Suresh Raina Will Not Come Back, After Taking A Huge Decision, Know More - The Tech Education
Suresh Raina
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CSK’s CEO Declared That Suresh Raina Will Not Come Back, After Taking A Huge Decision, Know More

Since the beginning, Suresh Raina has been the greatest player that CSK could have. He is one of those important members of IPL franchise that Chennai Super Kings have.

Why Suresh Raina Left CSK Team Just Before The Beginning Of The Tournament?

Raina plays middle order in the team and the news about him about no comeback has saddened the fans. The fans had a shock when they came to know that Raina will not play in the IPL 2020 season. However, Raina has his own personal reasons and took his name off to play for CSK this year.

During the beginning, Raina was all prepared to play this year and even had his one-week training camp. The training session was held in Chennai and he had his form. But later due to some personal issues, he took his flight from UAE with some other members from CSK. Although the reports say that he reached India before the starting of the tournament.

The CSK’s vice-captain said during an interview that he might come back to UAE to play with CSK. However, it seems that Dhoni, captain of CSK doesn’t need Raina anymore, and even his name is been removed from the website.

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Vishwanath Statements And Harbhajan Singh’s Absence

Apart from Raina rejection, Mumbai Indian’s Harbhajan Singh’s name was also removed during the team selection. There’s a possibility that Harbhajan Singh might have left UAE too before the beginning of the tournament.

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Vishwanath, CEO of CSK said during an interview that the team is managing without Raina. He said that they cannot look at Suresh Raina because he is not available at this moment. He also said that they respect Raina’s decision and his personal space.

However, Chennai Super Kings have won two out of three matches. But they are still incomplete without Raina who played the middle order in the team. To replace Raina’s position, Faf Du Plessis has taken no. 3 place to play in his absence. Recently, CSK’s player Ambati Raydu had an injury but the reports revealed that he will recover and soon return in the match.

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