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Robert Thorogood To Unveil Many Secrets In His Upcoming Season Of ‘Death In Paradise’

Robert Thorogood is well known for his series Death In Paradise. This series revolves around murder mystery and has completed nine seasons. So now we are all anticipating the tenth season of the series.

Robert Thorogood To Unfold Many Secrets In Death In Paradise Season 10

Death In Paradise has completed nine seasons and has still managed to maintain the hype. And all credit goes to the creator Robert Thorogood.

Robert Thorogood
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So this series revolves around Crime and Detective fiction has been actively watched in the UK and France. It is one of the most popular crime fiction series set in the backdrop of Caribbean Island. The crime stories portrayed in the series seem so real that it makes the audience feel that they are actually witnessing a real life crime scene.

Although Thorogood has admitted that many of the episodes of this series have been adapted from real life criminal cases.

Death In Paradise- Storyline

As mentioned this crime series is set in the backdrop of a Caribbean Island and it revolves around a murder mystery taking place in the island named Santa Marie. So with one sequence leading to the other, all the episodes and seasons are interconnected.

Robert Thorogood
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The pivotal characters are the detectives who come to investigate the murders taking place in Santa Marie. In the first two season Ben Miller played the role of Detected Richard Poole who is called to investigate a murder mystery. Likewise there were many actors playing the role of the detective in different seasons.

But one thing remains common and that is the interconnection between all the seasons.

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The Upcoming Season

Well after nine successful seasons , everyone is waiting eagerly for Death in Paradise Season 10. As Thorogood has revealed that this season will have a lots of twists and turns. Therefore unveiling many dark secrets.

In the last season we saw that Di Neville Parker played by Ralf Little has been sent to the island to investigate the murder of a cop. But he doesn’t like the island but is bound to be stuck here because of health ailments. So it will be a treat to watch Parker’s struggle to survive in the island.

Robert Thorogood
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And several mysteries involving the murder is also expected to be revealed in this upcoming season. As for the cast members we can expect pivotal characters from the previous seasons like Ralf Little, Sara Martins, Kris Marshall, Jack Mooney and some other cast members.

As per Thorogood they were ready with the production phase but that is when the pandemic hit. Thus bringing the shooting at halt. But now as the shooting has resumed with proper safety protocols we can expect this bi-lingual series to make a comeback in mid 2021.

Thus we are all anticipating a season full of twists and turns accompanied by the unfolding of several dark mystries!

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