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Trump Stays Incompetent While Answering The Questions About Corona Viruses Pandemic – Here’s All You Need To Know!

It’s just seven weeks left for the USA to face the presidential election of 2020. And exactly before two weeks of the first presidential debate, Trump decided to appear at the town hall. A one and a half hour face to face interview were held at the town hall which was specially hosted by ABC News. This was directly held from the battlefield of Pennsylvania. However, he faced uncommitted voters for 90 minutes, and it turned out wrecked. Read full to know more!

ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos anchored the “20/20” event — “The President and the People” — from the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. Hence, the show President and the people provided the local public of America to put forward their questions. People had so many issues concerning them, and the platform was an appropriate one. They questioned the president about the control of the spreading of coronavirus pandemic. Furthermore, it went to racial injustice, economic betterment, among many other topics of debate and discussion.

Trump’s Appearance At The Town Hall Was Wrecked!

But as the session progressed, trump was seen avoiding many questions and dismissing them. When they asked about him handling coronavirus, he insisted to the people that he did act forcefully on any and every measure that he took. Nonetheless, he was later asked what the most challenging part of his presidency was. And to this, the president answered that it was handling coronavirus. Trump also revealed that six people lost their lives to COVID-19, and he knew them. It’s do said it what he says.

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He further says about how fragile lives are and how do many healthy people are just dead because of this. Furthermore, he blames China for the virus and said that they could have stopped the virus. China should have stopped it from spreading at such a rate, but china didn’t. He also denied ever downplaying the threat of coronavirus. Moreover, he said that he always up played the issue. Which is entirely untrue ae confessed a week ago in Wood’s interview that he had downplayed it.

The other nominee for the presidential election Joe Biden was also asked to appear in the show. But somehow Biden’s campaign and ABC News couldn’t find a mutual specific time. Hence, it’s just 60 days for the extraordinary election starting from Pennsylvania. Let’s see what comes as an end.

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