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Ricky Martin denies having a “sexual or romantic relationship” with his nephew

The singer’s attorney told TODAY, “The idea is not only false, but it is also disgusting.”

Allegations that Ricky Martin had a romantic relationship with his nephew are being refuted.

Marty Singer, Martin’s lawyer, said in a statement to TODAY, “Unfortunately, the person who made this claim is struggling with serious mental health issues. Naturally, Ricky Martin has never had, and would never have, a romantic or s**ual relationship with his nephew.

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The idea is disgusting in addition to being false, he continued. “We all hope this man receives the assistance he so desperately needs. However, we most eagerly anticipate that this horrible case will be dismissed as soon as the judge has a chance to review the evidence.

Following Friday’s online rumors, Martin’s attorney spoke with TODAY. Martin’s nephew was not specifically mentioned by Singer, and it was not immediately clear if the nephew was represented by counsel.

Ricky Martin denies having a relationship UPdate

A week after a Puerto Rico judge issued a restraining order against the singer, Martin’s attorney made a statement and a new accusation was made against him.

Axel Valencia, a police spokesman, previously informed The Associated Press that he was unable to disclose information about the requester of the restraining order because it was made by Puerto Rico’s domestic violence law.

The restraining order is not available TODAY, and the neighborhood police have not gotten back to us with any additional information.

The spokesperson explained to the AP that the musician is unable to contact the person who requested due to the restraining order and that a judge will decide whether or not to lift it after a hearing.

The allegations against Ricky Martin that resulted in a protection order, according to a statement provided to TODAY on Sunday, July 3, “are entirely false and fabricated. We have every confidence that our client Ricky Martin will be fully vindicated when the truth about this matter comes to light.

Martin also stated in a statement he posted on Twitter: “The protection order entered against me is based on entirely false allegations, so I will respond through the legal system with the facts and the dignity that define me. I am unable to make any statements at this time because the legal matter is still pending. I am deeply appreciative of all the messages of support that have been sent.

Martin’s hearing for the restraining order is set for July 21, according to TMZ.



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