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Lalit Modi responds to online harassment regarding his relationship with Sushmita Sen

When Lalit Modi revealed that he is dating Sushmita Sen and shared a tonne of cuddly photos with the former Miss Universe, the relationship went viral online. Internet users have continued to talk about their relationship ever since.
While many people on social media are happy for the couple, some of them have taken to trolling Lalit and Sushmita. The Aarya actress made a subtle jab at trolls on Saturday, July 16, and now the founder of the Indian Premier League (IPL) has written a lengthy letter criticising those who spread negativity.

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“I GUESS We R still living in the Middle Ages that 2 people can’t be friends & then if chemistry is right & timing is good- Magic can happen,” Lalit wrote on Instagram.
In addition, he wrote about his former partner, “My advice live and Let others live. And let me enlighten you all if you don’t know- For 12 years while she was married, my best friend, the departed love of my life #minalmodi, was MY BEST FRIEND. She didn’t hang out with my mom. Those with personal gain spread that rumour. Hope you understand what I mean when I say it’s time to leave this “crab mentality.”

Lalit Modi responds to online harassment update
Lalit continued by discussing the legal dispute in which he has been involved. “Rejoice when someone succeeds. Or succeeds or does well for his country. I can hold my head up higher than you all can ever. PLEASE TELL ME WHICH COURT HAS “EVER CONVICTED” ME IF YOU CALL ME A “FUGITIVE” I won’t tell you anything.
Tell me one other person in our lovely nation who has created something similar to what I have, he continued. And gave it to the country. And everyone is aware of how challenging doing business in India is. OVER 12 or 15 cities. Additionally, it is recession-proof, as I stated in 2008 – @iplt20. We all laughed. Who is laughing now? because everyone is aware that I did it by myself. Nobody in @ official bcci_ took any action. Each person who arrived paid $500 per day in total.

Lalit revealed that he and Sushmita were dating in a post on his Instagram account on July 14.


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