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Pieterson Doesn't Agree With The Decision Of MSD To Bat At No. 7: Says He's "Not Buying That Nonsense" -
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Pieterson Doesn’t Agree With The Decision Of MSD To Bat At No. 7: Says He’s “Not Buying That Nonsense”

Pieterson and Dhoni
Source: India TV News

MSD and his batting are criticised by fans and critics alike after CSK failed to chase the total against RR.

This, however, is a common occurrence when it comes to Dhoni and IPL.

But, what’s surprising is the fact that this time not only is his play being questioned, but also his captaincy.

Former England cricketer Pietersen said that he’s ‘not buying’ MSD’s justification of batting at No.7.

He said on a post-match show that aired in Star Sports, “It’s not about experiments, saying ‘oh it’s early on in the tournament.’ Let me tell you, T20 cricket can bite you very, very quickly…I am not buying into this nonsense,”

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What Made Pieterson Say What He Did About MSD?

Source: BDCricTime

Pietersen’s comment followed Dhoni’s as the CSK skipper said that as he is playing after a long break, he wanted to give the chance to players like Jadeja and Curran, especially at the beginning of the tournament.

Dhoni also says, “As the tournament progresses, you will see the senior players stepping in and taking that added responsibility. Otherwise, we have been one team that has kept doing the same thing. I feel we have an opportunity to try a few different things. If it doesn’t work, we can go back to what our strength is,”

Pietersen believes that the outcome could have been the opposite if Dhoni would have batted higher up the order.

He says that one must give oneself the chance to win the game. When we see how close the team was to victory, it becomes clear that a slight change could have done the trick.

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The team, according to Pieterson, could have easily managed to catch up with the game with just a little bit of intent.

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