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KXIP Beats RCB By 97 Runs. Here Is What RCB Skipper Virat Kohli Has To Say After Their Defeat - The Tech Education
IPL 2020
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IPL 2020: KXIP Beats RCB By 97 Runs. Here Is What RCB Skipper Virat Kohli Has To Say After Their Defeat

Kings XI Punjab achieved a massive victory against Royal Challengers Bangalore in the IPL 2020 match on Thursday.

IPL 2020: KXIP Beats RCB

The highly anticipated match between RCB and KXIP on Thursday concluded with the defeat of RCB by 97 runs.  As RCB won the toss they opted to bowl first.

As the match begin, KXIP openers Mayank Agarwal and KL Rahul dominated the pitch. And we witnessed a massive history by KL Rahul where he managed to score 132 runs out of the total score of KXIP which is 206 runs. Thus he created a record by becoming fastest Indian cricketer scoring 2000 runs in IPL in his 60th innings.

IPL 2020
Source: TOI

Therefore he broke Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkars record. In this particular match Rahul wooed everyone by managing to score 132 runs in just 69 balls and that was really huge.  But when it was RCBS turn to chase their target they somehow fall short of the pace.

The excellent players like Devdutt Padikkal, Josh Philippe, Virat Kohli lost their wickets even before they could actually make their grip over the pitch. Thus giving the match a very slow start thus making 206 a very massive target. Although players like AB de Villiers and Aaron Finch hit some great shots but that was not enough for the team to reach their target.

RCB could manage to score only 109 after losing all their wickets. And thus had to face a 97 run defeat.

Virat Kolhi On RCB’s Defeat

RCB’s defeat has actually earned skipper Virat Kohli a lot of criticism as well as trolls. Especially for the reason that he actually dropped two very important catches which would have earned KL Rahul’s wicket. Therefore he is being criticized for his irresponsibility and of course, his missed catches!

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IPL 2020
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But Kohli didn’t shy away to accept his mistake. And in a statement after the match, he admitted that dropping those catches actually contributed to the teams defeat. Because if they could manage to get KL Rahul out then most probably KXIP would not reach to the 200 march.

Thus the pressure would have been less for RCB. But Kohli seemed to very optimistic and said that these mistakes will actually help the team to do better in the upcoming matches.

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