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Racial Sensitivity Training Ordered To Be Cancelled, As The White House Thinks Its Too Un-American.

The Racial Sensitivity Training offered by federal agencies have been asked to be cancelled by the White House office of Management and Budget.

White House Finds Racial Sensitivity Training Divisive

Federal agencies conduct a racial sensitivity training for their employees. And it basically focuses on racial discrimination and its history in the United States. Hence it mostly talks about white supremacy and racial injustice. Thus in a away tells about America being a racist country.

White House
Source: AP

But recently the White House office of Management and Budget has released an instruction. And it says that the federal agencies shouldn’t conduct any sort of racial sensitivity training. As it is divisive and thus is somewhat equal to defaming the nation.

What Trump Says?

So the director of the White House of Management and Budget Russell Vought has spoken on it. And according to him President Trump has taken this decision as he thinks that it is quite an ‘un-American’ thing to do.

Moreover Trump has also asked Vought to look into the matter strictly. And also deduct millions in taxpayers amount used to conduct these training.

White House
Source: AP

Therefore Trump has made it clear that the federal agencies cannot use taxpayer dollars against the nation. And that is by defaming the nation by conducting these kinds of racial sensitivity training.

But what made the White House come with such a decision? Well it might be because of the civil unrest going on in the nation because of anti-racial issues.

Therefore Trump is trying to suppress everything. And thus is asking the federal agencies not to talk about racism with their employees. But that doesn’t change anything.

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Because the entire world is witnessing the recent protests and unrest going on in America. And the merciless attacks on the Black Americans by the police are not something which can be hidden or forgotten.

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