Dylan O’Brien Birthday Special: Check Out His Stunning Looks And You Would Fall in Love!


Happy birthday Dylan O’Brien!! Dylan O’Brien would be 29 years today. However, he is one of the well-known American actors.

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People know him because of his lead role in Maze Runner as Thomas. This is a dystopian science fiction trilogy. However, Dylan is more famous for his role as Stiles on MTV’s Teen Wolf.

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Additionally, he was the character Celeb, in 2016 due to his film, Deepwater Horizon. Even, American Assassin movie portrayed him as the lead cast as well.


Before his career as an actor, he was famous for his YouTube videos as well. However, one of his hobbies is to pursue sports broadcasting.

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Some of his other works are The first Time in 2012 and High Road in 2011. Moreover, he also played drums in a band. The band is none other than slow kids at Play.

Family And Relationship:

Dylan’s family consists of his elder sister and his parents. Julia is the name of her elder sister. He is born to Lisa and Patrick.

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Unlike others, his dating life is quite clear and not much messy. However, he dated Britt Robertson for nearly seven years. They started dating in 2011. Sadly, they split up in 2018 due to some unavoidable and unacceptable personal choices.