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Starbucks Employee Got Fired! What Was So Threatening In His Beverage Recipe That He Made?

A Starbucks employee has been fired recently. He allegedly made a drink with bleach, ice and “the blood of innocent black men”.

Source Facebook

Van Greyson Heart made a Tik tok video was describing his special recipe for the drink. The song All I want for Christmas is a Few Dead Cops’ could be heard in the background.

Moreover, this is the tale at Starbucks in Nora, Indiana. The drink that you prepared was exclusive to support the police.

However, the employee was working at Target. According to the investigation, he did not get employed directly at Starbucks.

Unacceptable Video And The Recipe

Too many Netizens and individuals, the video was unacceptable. Moreover, Greyson said at the beginning of his Video, “Hi guys, I updated my recipe for the Blue Lives Matter drinks.”

Source Facebook

He added Starbucks’ blue ingredient and mixed it with ice and bleach.

However, according to Target, they treat every customer equally. They do not differentiate their customers or disrespect anyone. Time to time, they check and fire irresponsible employees as well.

If any employee violet any of their rules and regulations, then they take rigorous actions against them.

Target has apologised for his employee’s dirty video. Tiktok has also removed the video from his platform.

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