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Pushpa 2: Release Date, Budget, OTT Release & Spoilers!


Pushpa: The Rise, a 2021 Telugu action drama film written and directed by Sukumar, is scheduled for release in India. Telugu actor Allu Arjun appears in the film produced by Mythri Movie Makers and Muttamsetty Media.

Dhananjaya and Anasuya Bharadwaj, as well as Jagadeesh Prathap Bandari and Sunil, round out the cast as supporting players. Ajay and Ajay Ghosh also appear in the film.

Andhra Pradesh is home to a unique type of wood known as “red sanders,” and one of two documentaries follows the rise of one coolie in the red-sander trafficking gang in Andhra Pradesh state. All Pushpa 2 news is here.

Pushpa 2 Release Date

Mumbai announced on Wednesday that Allu Arjun’s “Pushpa: The Rise” will be telecast on a popular OTT channel beginning January 7, 2022.

The Telugu action-thriller launched in theatres on December 17th, 2021, to a tremendous success at the box office. The film was also dubbed into Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, and Kannada.

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The film’s internet debut was announced on the OTT’s official Twitter account.

The film is a top Telugu blockbuster and a record-breaker in the Indian box office in 2021. The sequel, Pushpa 2: The Rule, is scheduled to begin filming in February 2022, according to the production schedule.

Pushpa  Storyline

Seshachalam Hills in the Chittoor area of Andhra Pradesh is where a group of Pushpa Raj volunteers smuggling rare wood begins.

During a DSP Govindappa raid, Pushpa hides and recovers the stock, winning the trust of Konda Reddy. Konda Reddy has partnered with Pushpa because of Pushpa’s creative techniques of carrying red sanders.

Mangalam Srinu’s 200-ton stock is guarded by one of his dealers, Konda Reddy. Because Konda’s younger brother, Jolly Reddy, is deemed incompetent, Pushpa is appointed to the role.

However, Govindappa has hunted them down and sought to seize control of the organization. Wood logs are dumped into a nearby river while Keshav bribes officials and blocks the river downstream in order to expedite the movement of the inventory.

Srinu and Konda are relieved that the stock has been spared from confiscation. At a party, Pushpa discovers that Srinu is reselling the wood for a far higher price than they were originally paid.

In spite of this, Konda rebuffs Pushpa’s suggestion that he take on Srinu and demand his fair portion.

When Pushpa first meets Srivalli, she instantly falls in love with her. Even though his mother is injured in the fight, Pushpa’s half-brother interferes with the ritual and denies him his father’s ancestry.

Angry at this, Pushpa pushes himself to new heights of achievement. On his way to Chennai, Pushpa brings in illegally imported timber and asks that Srinu, the company’s owner, pay him 1 crore each tonne.

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His troops assault him, but Pushpa is able to overpower them and seize them for himself when Srinu refuses.

A deal for the sale of the timber for 1.5 crores per tonne is struck when Pushpa flies to Chennai with Konda and Pushpa.
Blackmailing Srivalli while her father is being kept prisoner, Jolly coerces Srivalli into sex with him. Angry upon learning that Jolly was temporarily immobilised, Pushpa attacks him with his fists.

After coming to the conclusion that Pushpa was responsible for his brother’s illness, Konda kidnaps and kills him in a wooded retreat. Pushpa is able to retreat and counterattack as Srinu’s forces launch a surprise attack.

Jakka Reddy, the brother of murdered Konda, is saved by Pushpa after the ambush. In addition to killing his brother-in-law, he kidnaps and kills Srinu.

A truce is organised by MP Bhumireddy Siddappa Naidu, when Pushpa exposes Srinu’s misdeeds, and he scams the syndicate with lower fees in return.

Pushpa and his men are terrified because Shekhawat thinks they are missing one thing. If Pushpa doesn’t open his fingers, he’ll shoot his hand in his face with a revolver.

The moment Pushpa, terrified, addresses Shekhawat “sir,” the final piece of the puzzle falls into place. As long what Shekhawat tells Pushpa to be obedient, Pushpa does as he’s told.

On the night before Pushpa’s wedding, Shekhawat joins Pushpa for a drink on a hilltop a few days later. Pushpa shoots himself in the hands after stealing Shekhawat’s gun in retaliation for the way he was insulted during their first encounter.

Shekhawat and Pushpa are then coerced into exposing themselves in front of him. Pushpa’s height remains constant, but Shekhawat’s shrinks to the point that not even his dog can recognise him without his police costume, according to Pushpa’s account.

Shekhawat enters Pushpa’s residence in public nudity as he prepares for his wedding. As predicted, his dog snarls at him. In a fit of rage, he kills the dog and burns the bribe money.

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