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PlayStation 5: PlayStation Studios Shows Off An Exciting Lineup Of First-Party Games
credit www.hollywoodreporter.com

PlayStation 5: PlayStation Studios Shows Off An Exciting Lineup Of First-Party Games

At long last, we got the PlayStation 5 reveal event that Sony had been building up to, and boy did it deliver. There’s a lot to cover from the hour-long live stream. The lineup of games we got from Sony’s new, first-party label, PlayStation Studios, is one of them

PlayStation Studios Has A Huge Presence On PlayStation 5

Sony showed off a small teaser for Grand Theft Auto V for the PlayStation 5, but then Jim Ryan popped up on the screen. He spoke about what this event means to them, and then passed the mic over to the games themselves. Make no mistake, the games spoke loud and clear right out the gate.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Gran Turismo 7 Kicked Off PlayStation 5 Event

The first game we saw in this presentation was Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. This isn’t a full-blown sequel to Insomniac’s Spider-Man game from 2018, but rather an expansion. Eurogamer reported on this with a quote from Sony Interactive Entertainment EVP head of European Business, Simon Rutter. “I guess you could call it an expansion and an enhancement to the previous game,” Rutter said.

That’s not where PlayStation Studios stopped, though. Gran Turismo 7 got a decent showcase. BluePoint’s remake of Demon’s Souls looks incredible, too. We also got an extensive look at Ratchet And Clank: Rift Apart. This game showed off the seamless loading times that are possible thanks to the PlayStation 5’s SSD.

credit www.nme.com

Horizon: Forbidden West Is The PlayStation 5’s Biggest Draw Right Now

We also got a glimpse at some new IPs, such as Returnal. They saved the best for last, though. After plenty of rumours and speculation, we finally got a look at Horizon: Forbidden West. This is the sequel to 2017’s Horizon Zero Dawn, which is one of the PlayStation 4’s best games.

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Horizon: Forbidden West is looking to be the PlayStation 5’s marquee first-party title. I can’t wait to see Aloy’s journey continue on next-gen.

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