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Rumoured Batman Game Gets Final Teaser That Tells You To Tune Into DC FanDome

We now have all the pieces of the puzzle that WB Games Montreal has been dropping for their rumoured Batman game. What does the complete picture tell us about the game? Not much, really. This whole campaign was essentially a teaser campaign for a teaser trailer.

WB Games Montreal’s Teaser Campaign Ends In Another Teaser For Rumoured Batman Game

Fans got codes each day starting August 17, 2020, which they could input on After inputting each code, fans got a piece of a map. The assumption was that at the end of this four-day campaign, we’d get a substantial teaser.

However, what we got was just a brief trailer with a 24-hour countdown. It was basically WB Games Montreal telling us to tune into their panel at DC FanDome. We’ve already known that they had a panel at this event where they’d potentially reveal the game they were working on.

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Teaser Images Reveal A Map

So, while this teaser campaign was amusing, I was personally hoping for something more than another teaser. It’s not like we got absolutely nothing, though. Once you put all the pieces of the map together, you can see that it highlights two specific locations. We don’t know for certain what these two locations are.

WB Games Montreal Batman Teaser

We Finally Have Confirmation That The Game Takes Place In Gotham City

This same mao appears in the teaser video, with one extra detail. The bottom left corner of the full map indicates that it’s from the GCPD Database. For those of you who aren’t well-versed in DC Comics lore, the GCPD stands for the Gotham City Police Department. All the rumours were indicating that this would be a Batman game. However, from everything we’ve seen and heard of this game so far, this is the biggest hint at that.

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Personally, I’m just about done waiting for them to reveal this game. I may come across as an impatient fanboy, but the secrecy surrounding this game has dragged on for too long. Let’s hope the official reveal at DC FanDome doesn’t disappoint.

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