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Black Ops: Cold War – Operation Chaos Mission: How To Decrypt The Floppy Disk Code Described


By listening to a series of station broadcasts, you can assign the city’s name to a number sequence, and these are the codes you need to enter to access the floppy disk. 

The coded message in the first mission reads: “If you do not throw Qasim from Javadia Edge, you will receive the first piece of evidence.”. At the end of the Out of Nowhere Run mission, the player must threaten and kill Qasim to get the Evidence.  

Please write down the selection of letters and rearrange them to name one of the cities in the list of numbers broadcast as Evidence. 

The passphrase you need to encode the message is a sequence of blue and red numbers, so you need to find the missing numbers and put them together by listening to the signals broadcast by the station and determining the corresponding city and its passphrase. 

If we rearrange the red letters on the list, we get Madison, and the code number is 0629.   

Cold War campaign, you must find Evidence to help you complete an optional side mission, Operation Chaos, which can be completed in small steps throughout the mission. 

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You must also enter a code or passphrase to collect the Evidence found in this mission. To find the Evidence in the campaign, you need to know how to code and decrypt the disk containing information about the spy ring you need to shut down.  

Overcome Operation Choas

To overcome a mission called Operation Chaos, collect a set of Evidence from other missions and use it to solve a puzzle: a floppy disk decrypted. 

To complete the decryption, collect a set of Evidence first in other missions and then decrypt the floppy disk. It would help if you understood how to crack the code and access the floppy disk in Black Ops: Cold War.  

All have an encrypted message with red and blue numbers coming back and forth in a sequence and studying the encrypted message (and the mission itself), how to decrypt the floppy disk is called the most challenging assignment puzzle, covering all the math problems from the War and Operation Chaos campaign. 

Cold War- Campaign- Operation Chaos Mission you take on an ex-CIA op who has his entire ring passphrase, two pieces of Evidence, a mission, a city you are in, and a war you are in. 

We have added 4016 to the code for the primary mission, decryption of the disk from the Cold War.

How Operation Chaos and Decrypting the Floppy Disk runs

In addition to Operation Chaos, Black Ops Cold War also includes a second mission, in which you will receive Intel parts scattered over the selected missions. 

These two missions Operation Chaos and Red Circus, lead Perseus agents around the globe, but you will never know the full extent of their connections until you unlock them.  

To solve the two missions Operation Chaos and Red Circus, an optional collector’s item called Evidence must be found, hidden in the other missions. 

To complete the mission, you must do the footwork of the main campaign missions and collect a piece of Evidence to help solve a number puzzle to decipher the floppy disk.  

You need three pieces of Evidence to smash the disk and get the best possible end to Operation Chaos. These three elements leave an indelible impression on the decrypted passphrase to decrypt the Cold War disk code, so make sure you have the Mission Stone and Newspaper in red. 

You need to select “Decrypt Floppy Disk” to enter your code for the mission and then search for CIA agent Robert Aldrich to find a piece of Evidence that can help you solve the puzzle and decrypt the hard drive.    

This page explains how to find the three locations of Operation Chaos evidence in the Cold War campaign Black Ops to decrypt and prepare the disk. The Evidence needed to prepare for Operation Chaos will, in turn, provide clues to decipher the deceptive Cold War floppy disk. 

Operation Chaos How to Decrypt the Fl disk How to Work How to open the complete Fractured Jaw mission in Operation Chaos There seems to be consistent Evidence on this side mission and Operation Red Circus.    

To receive one of the available side missions you run in the game, you need Evidence to decrypt the disk and crack the code. You can ignore the Evidence and play the mission until it is available, but we recommend cracking the code before you do so. 

If you missed any of the following proofs, repeat the listed missions and search for them. 

It may seem like every piece of the puzzle is randomly selected, but we can’t give you a solution, so you have to find the Evidence in the Cold War mission itself. 

Access The Evidence Object panel

The Evidence from the players will be different, and you may find other answers. Keep in mind that there are more than a few rows of numbers to remember during the quest, and use pen and paper to help you through the mission.   

Once you have found the hidden Evidence from the main series of story missions, you must check it in the safe house, solve a puzzle, and then access the mission in question. 

After completing the Fractured Jaw mission, you can access the evidence object panel. Once you know you have the passphrase to solve a series of puzzles, information about it will be revealed in the dialogue playing for you.   

Final Words

It is all about how to decrypt the floppy disk code in Operation Choas’s mission. Please stay connected with us for more news!

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