new rebirth map release date And All That You Must Know!

new rebirth map release date And All That You Must Know!

In both Blackout and Warzone, Rebirth Island has been a big part of Call of Duty’s battle royale offerings. Rebirth Island was introduced in Warzone in December 2020, and it has remained largely unchanged since then. Currently, the majority of Call of Duty players prefer Rebirth to Caldera, but this appears to be changing.

With the start of Season 4, a new Warzone map will be added to the game, and it will be the new, mid-size resurgence map.

new rebirth map release date


The next map in Call of Duty Warzone will be called Fortune’s Keep, and it will follow the same rules as Rebirth. As long as their teammates are not eliminated, gamers can use the Resurgence system and drop multiple times across the map.

The new Rebirth Map has yet to receive an official release date from Activision, but it will be available soon in Call of Duty Warzone. This means there’s a good chance it’ll be included in the Season 4 premiere, which is set to begin on June 22. However, until we hear more, it’s best to wait for more information from Activision.

Like the current Rebirth Island setup, the majority of the new map will be landlocked. Smuggler’s Cove, on the other hand, will provide some protection thanks to several smaller islands and land masses. “Thank you to our community for helping reveal Fortune’s Keep, a new #Warzone Resurgence map, where the amount of danger and action is second only to its riches,” reads the caption alongside the new map image. “We’ll be here soon.”

If the new map is set to debut as part of Season 4, there’s a good chance we’ll learn more about it this week, ahead of its official release in June 2022.

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