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NASA Detects An Enormous Asteroid: Will Strike The Earth’s Orbit Soon ?


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NASA has been tracking an asteroid that will be twice the size of the Great Pyramid. The asteroid is likely to strike the Earth’s orbit today.

Details Of The Asteroid

It is categorised as a Near-Earth Object (NEO) and also as a potentially hazardous asteroid (PHA).

NASA defines NEO as those comets and asteroids, which has the potential to hit the earth orbit. These objects consist of water, ice and dust particles.

The NEOs, at times, move closer to the Earth while revolving around the orbit of the Sun.

A Centre of NASA determines the distance between the Earth’s surface and the incoming object when they move close to Earth.

Luckily, NASA says that the asteroid poses no real danger to us. But this one will move quite close to the Earth than usual.

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When Do The Asteroids Pose A Threat According to NASA?

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The Planetary Society estimates around a billion asteroids with a diameter of more than one meter.

But the objects that will cause damage after entering the Eath’s orbit are usually larger than 30 metres in size. Every year more than 30-40 small asteroids strike the Earth’s surface without causing any alarming damage.

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NASA also says that having asteroids and comets around the orbit of the Earth is normal. It is dangerous only when the diameter and the speed at which the asteroid travels is more than usual.

Out of NASA’s recorded NEOs, about 90% have a diameter of around 140 meters. But those have never been a cause of worry.

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