Michael Jackson and Prince Jackson
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Michael Jackson’s Son Reveals His Real Name: Fans Are Ecstatic

Michael Jackson and Prince Jackson
Source: USA Today

On the chat show ‘This Morning‘, Michael Jackson’s son revealed his real name and talked about his hope of carrying on MJ’s legacy.

Prince Jackson said that his name is actually Michael, same his late father. On hearing this, the hosts of the show, Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes, started addressing him as Michael for the entirety of the interview.

Michael Jackson’s Impact On Prince Jackson

Prince also talked about the enormous influence that his father has on his life. Although he died back in 2009, Jackson’s legacy lives on. Prince says that with age, his appreciation for the work of his father has grown. Not only for the icon’s music but for the life he led.

Jackson’s son also said that he wishes to continue with his father’s charity work. He wants to honour his father’s belief that children are the future. He hopes to help the children who are less fortunate to receive a proper education.

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Prince Jackson’s Take On Sharing The Name Of His Legendary Father

Michael Jackson and Prince Jackson
Source: Pinterest

When asked about how he feels to share his father’s name, Prince said: “Sharing such a powerful name, I don’t want to say there is pressure. But there is this legacy that my father worked very hard to build and maintain.”

Eamonn asked the young man about how much he misses Michael Jackson, to which he says “Greatly”. He believes that the experiences he had with his father continue to grow on him as he matures.

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Viewers’ Response On Prince’s Interview

It appears that the young Jackson was a hit with the viewers. One person wrote on his Twitter handle: “Good to see Prince Jackson on @thismorning. What a polite & well spoken guy. Testament to his father¬†#ThisMorning¬†“.

Another tweet read: ” @thismorning Prince Jackson seems very level headed. Grounded person. Lovely. #ThisMorning”

All in all, the interview was very well-loved by the audience.

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