Motohub by Swish is a Game Changer in Android Mobiles

Have you ever wondered if you could get news updates, shopping discount deals, content as per your interests, play games without even installing it on the mobile phone as there are always storage and space constraints in mobile phones. The latest feature added in Motorola mobiles which allows the users to have and access to all the interactive content as per the user interests and needs and as per their latest search results showing the top Shopping discount deals, Live weather forecasts, Latest news around the world for the users all at one place and with the new MotoHub application provided by Motorola team.

So, Motohub is a pre-installed feature in Motorola mobiles which increases the smartphone productivity & smartphone optimisation through suggesting the quick content on their phone’s home screen for users as per their interests and preferences. It is a time saving application because it suggests the content on my home screen as per the user’s interests without the need to search for anything which user would usually do without this feature. User literally doesn’t need to use any browser for entertainment content as well as for news application for news updates as he get it all in just one feature with MotoHub in the Motorola phone.



Basically, Motohub includes 3 features i.e. Entertainment folder, Shopping folder & Game folder.

In entertainment folder, the user just need to enable the “Discover entertainment”, and it starts suggesting you entertaining content as per user’s interests. Isn’t it cool?


In shopping folder, the users get an access to most hot-selling shopping deals & trending shopping applications without even installing them and this in turn helps me save time as all the latest shopping deals get flashed and keeps the user updated about sales and the discount and offers as well for smoother online shopping experience.


In Gaming folder, users gets an arcade of games, which he can play without even installing on their phones and hence saves a lot of space in my phone. Users can find & play a lot of their favourite games in this without even downloading them.


Additionally, Motohub Folders sorts and organize the apps in an orderly manner & creates a better experience of their smartphones and the home screen of the phone now looks so sorted after this MotoHub feature. Every folder is well organized as per users requirements and interests.

Motohub by Swish is a game changer in android mobiles as it is reducing the time wasted by user’s in searching for entertainment content, shopping discount deals & games separately.


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