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Mother Carrying Her Newborn In A Bag – Gone Viral On Social Media!

We all hear weird news around us 24 hours and seven weeks a day. But hearing that a mother carried a newborn one week child in a bag is simply astounding.

Yes, you read it right. In Kyiv, Ukraine a suspicious looking woman was ‘singing lullaby to her bag’ and it made the passer-bys notice her.

”The woman behaved weird and I started watching her. Then I heard a baby crying. The next moment, I realized the cry was coming from her bag”. Said a witness to the media. ”I approached her and asked if I could look in the bag. She said ‘no’ and hurried away. I reported the woman to the police.”

Reportedly, when the witness couldn’t help the new born himself he asked to the police for help. One of the onlookers then filmed a footage. This footage showed the police officers carefully  taking out the new born from inside the bag.

Unnamed mother struggled against the officers and the policemen asked her for an explanation. 29- year-old mother asked the officers to leave ‘her baby alone’. She further said that ‘her baby was alive and he is fine’.

Mother being careless towards new born.

Reporters captured the mother saying that she just wanted to take her baby out ‘ for a walk’. A big Crowd gathered around the scenario and everybody expressed their concerns toward the little child.

Passerby women was extremely concerned about the baby and said that the child could ‘ suffocate in the bag’. Another one commented how he was ‘ wrapped up in a winter jacket and is completely wet’.

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When the officers pulled the baby out, his body was wet and his temperature was (86 F). Policemen were shocked and called the ambulance right away.  Since, the ambulance was few minutes away the officers put the baby in the back seat of their car.

Now the new born is completely in the hands of medical facilities and  is been taken care off. He is doing fine as says the reports.

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This strange woman is the mother of six children, and had recently shifted to Kyiv from the city of Odessa to get better work opportunities. Confessing further, she said that ‘ she put the baby inside the bag because she did not have a pram’.

According to the police officer named Maksim Kravchuk, the women behaved ‘ aggressively towards them’ as she knew she was at fault.  ”We put the child into our car while we were waiting for an ambulance.

Mother was asked to pay a heavy fine because of being careless and not being responsible enough to obey the parental care.


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