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What Is It Mother Throwing Her Kids Out Of Window? Relax.. Just To Save Their Lives..

A Terrifying Video Caught

‘Today there’s something that will add a chill to your spine,’ a dramatic video captured the nightmare moment a mother, 25. The woman was forced to throw away her two young children as she had no other option left. She had to throw her children from a third-floor window to save their lives in an inferno.


The small kids were three and four years old. Moreover, the mother had to gather enough courage to take this terrifying step. Neighbours proved to be helpful as they caught the boys by holding out a blanket.

Who Was This Woman? What Happened Actually?

The woman about whom we are talking is Lyubov Pavlunina, who woke at 7 am found her holiday flat ablaze. Seeing the horrifying situation, she screamed for help. When she felt helpless, she just dropped her boys 30ft from an open window on an enclosed balcony into a blanket stretched out by locals.


‘We have gathered a few lines from this bold mother for you to read, she said, ‘I woke up, and one of my kids was next to me,’ she further continued by saying, ‘I took his hand and began to look for my second son.

‘The three of us fought through the smoke to the balcony, and I don’t remember any further from there – I passed out.’

She pleaded for help. She added: ‘I shouted for at least the children to be saved’ and the children were my only priority’.

People Helped

Lyubov said people started helping, they spread a blanket and shouted that I should throw the children away.’ Although it was a scary attempt to throw her children away, she was left with the only option. She continued to say that ‘I don’t remember how I did it.

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After the whole incident, the single mother was then helped to escape after a rope was lowered from the fourth floor. Moreover, It is suspected that a child had been playing with a lighter that contributed to this outcome.

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