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Mindy Kaling Weight Loss: How Much She Lost Weight Without Restricting Her Diet

Mindy Kaling “didn’t really do anything differently” to lose weight.

The 42-year-old mother of two told Entertainment Tonight on Tuesday that she didn’t change her diet after having her son Spencer in September 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I eat what I like,” the actress told ET. “Any restrictive diet fails me. I eat less.” “I wish there was something more juicy or dynamic about the way that I’ve lost a little bit of weight, but that’s the way,” she said.

The actress said she lost weight differently after having her 4-year-old daughter Katherine. “I had to shoot a movie two months after having my daughter, so I just wanted grilled salmon and sautéed spinach. That’s my three-month diet.”

After Spencer was born, Kaling didn’t “have those pressures” to deal with while she was in quarantine. “It was almost like an extra week of maternity leave. The studios were closed, so I wasn’t going to be on TV “Kaling told ET.

“I felt like I was under a lot of scrutinies during my first pregnancy, and the last seven months of my second pregnancy were such a relief because no one was out and no one was taking pictures,” she told Access.

In the same month, as she went back to work, Kaling told Source that it “absolutely takes a village” to raise two kids on your own.

She said at the time, “I wouldn’t be able to work full-time as a professional and raise two kids under 3 without having a very close relationship with my nanny.” “Also with my dad, who comes over at least twice a day to take my son for walks and pick up and bring home my daughter. My village is small, and I wish it were bigger.”

Mindy Kaling Details Weight Loss Journey, Healthy Eating Habits

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She said it wasn’t easy to ask for help, though. She told Source, “We feel guilty about needing help, and most women in the country don’t have the same resources.” “Many people are lucky to have family who can help them, but my mom died in 2011, so I didn’t have much of a choice.

“Especially during the pandemic,” she said, “we really got to see how valuable and important daycare workers are.”

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