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Microsoft Adds A Sidebar Search Feature For Edge Browser

Microsoft added a new feature in its Microsoft Edge Canary browser called ‘sidebar search’. It is present in the context menu of the browser. Besides, the use of the browser special search bar inside somewhat seems not needed. Meanwhile, if you need to search a phrase or word it will become handy. So, you don’t have to exit the tab you are in. The feature allows the user to perform the bing search using the sidebar.

The usage of the feature is very simple. Just highlight the word you need to search from any webpage. Then right-click and select Search in Bing option from the box. Although, Google already provides a feature of the same kind. Besides, it has more advantages because of the search results presents in the Google search. After all, the feature will not become much useful for you if you use Google Chrome as the default browser. Because the Edge Canary browser will not allow Chrome to tale over the search feature in the Edge browser.

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More Details About The Sidebar Search Feature Of Microsoft Edge Canary Browser

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if you are a user who prefers Bing search over Google search. Then this sidebar feature id the one for you. Although, note that the feature is only available in the Edge Canary 85.0.554.0 or any latest versions. If you are not accessible to this feature, update the browser soon. After all, allowing automatic updates will keep the browser updated. The Edge updates are completely a different area from the Windows update.

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