Mixer: Ninja, Shroud May Have Earned Millions From Streaming Service Shutdown

Mixer shutdown may have resulted in a massive payday for the two biggest names on the platform, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek. Both of these streamers had massive audiences on Twitch. In the hopes of giving Mixer some legs, Microsoft signed both of them to contracts that would see them stream exclusively on Mixer.

Ninja And Shroud Are Free Agents Following Mixer’s Shutdown

However, with the news that Mixer is shutting down, many were wondering what would become of this exclusivity deal. Microsoft had already confirmed to Business Insider that both Ninja and Shroud were now free agents.


Ninja And Shroud Originally Came To Mixer On An Exclusivity Deal To Compete With Twitch

Considering that they reportedly paid $50 million to lure Ninja from Twitch to Mixer, this seems like quite the loss. Shroud also came to Mixer in a similar deal. However, Microsoft is now abandoning Mixer entirely and partnering up with Facebook Gaming instead.

Facebook Gaming Won’t Have Ninja And Shroud As Exclusive Creators

Now, we have some more details as to how Mixer’s shutdown affected their exclusivity deals.¬†According to esports consultant and insider Rod Breslau, they both received massive payouts, in the region of tens of millions of dollars. This despite efforts from Facebook Gaming to more than match Mixer’s exclusivity deals.

The viewer numbers on a typical Mixer stream for Ninja never quite reached the heights of his Twitch days. Now, however, both him and Shroud are free to return to Twitch.¬†All-in-all, this may have only boosted Ninja’s net worth. Shroud is likely to have benefitted similarly as well. It should be interesting to see the size of the audience they can draw when they do return to streaming.

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