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Apple Now Allows You To Set Default Apps In iPhone With App You Wish

From the start of everything, Apple never allowed its users to think out of the box they created on the iPhone. After all, the hardware and software of Apple are on another level but the freedom in the device we use is important to make it more customized. They always forced users to use apps that are made or recommended by Apple on the iPhone. Besides, it was always been a headache for the users who prefer some other apps for some works. So, this made them do many sacrifices to use iPhone to date.

However, now the iPhone allows you to use any apps as default in it. Moreover, this is also applicable to the browser. You can change Apple’s Safari browser to any other browsers as default. In an upcoming near update will make everything happen in your iPhone. Until now, every link and websites were opened in the Safari browser on iPhone as default.

More Details On The Most Awaited Update Of The iPhone

The iPhone default apps give Apple a big edge, says Bloomberg | iMore

Users and developers have always questioned this approach of Apple for years. After all, it is happening now when the 12th series of the Apple franchise is on the way to the market. You can open your emails and links in any app you desire after the update goes live. That means you can use Google Chrome for links and Gmail or any email apps for email. After all, this change is good for both Apple and one of its best competitors Google. Because many of the users did not prefer the iPhone to date because of this as the main reason. The freedom in selecting applications is always important for the people who use their smartphone as their creative head office.

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