Megan Is Missing Barrel

Megan Is Missing Barrel Scene, Explained


‘Megan is Missing’ is not a light read. However, it is also a horror film that tries to educate its viewers on the dangers and ubiquity of predators who prey on youngsters over the internet. 

The found-footage film centers on Megan Stewart’s (Rachel Quinn) strange disappearance and how her closest friend, Amy Herman (Amber Perkins), is desperate to uncover the truth. We will analyze the finale and the relevance of the barrel scenario in this essay. Spoilers Following!

Megan is Missing Plot Summary

Megan is a highly regarded honors student who is also well-known as a beautiful party girl. However, the 14-year-old adolescent is also a victim of sexual assault, having been raped by her stepfather when she was only nine years old. 

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Megan’s traumatic upbringing, along with a poor connection with her mother, shaped her into the woman she is now.

Megan meets Josh online one day, and the two finally arrange to meet outside a nearby restaurant. However, she never returns from this conversation, prompting her quiet and reticent best friend Amy to conduct her inquiry. However, what awaits her on the other side is far from nice.

Megan is Missing’s Barrel Scene

Amy is unaware that Josh has been monitoring her and knows the secret location she frequents with her closest buddy. Amy is abducted again the second time she visits the site. Amy is next seen in her underpants, attached on a leash. 

She pleads for assistance, but the perpetrator seems unconcerned. He even sprays her with water and informs her that his name is not Josh.

Following this, Josh recovers Amy’s prized Billy Bear and coerces her into eating food from a dog dish, tormenting her with the toy. He then rapes her, obtaining her blood in the process. 

Later, the guy returns and instructs Amy to enter the barrel before her, keeping her unaware of the location.

Amy panicked when it was discovered that Megan’s body was within the barrel. Josh locks her in the barrel beside her slain friend’s corpse despite her attempts to flee. 

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Then he drives out into the woods and begins digging a large hole. Despite Amy’s repeated pleads for release, Josh ignores her and continues his duty.

Amy even tells him how much she loves him and how no one else would ever adore and care for him the path she does. 

However, these remarks have no impact on Josh, who immediately stuffs the barrel into the hollow and covers the scene with soil. Finally, we watch an old film of Megan and Amy contemplating their possible future.

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