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Megan Fox And Machine Gun Kelly Got Flak For Her Racist Christian Halloween Costumes

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox are sure to make waves with their Halloween show.

This year, the rapper/rocker and actress’s costumes made people look and some people were angry about them. First, MGK as Tommy Lee and Fox as Pamela Anderson took the stage. In the 2019 Netflix movie “The Dirt,” Machine Gun Kelly played the drummer for the band Motley Crue.

Fox dyed her hair blonde and put on makeup to look like Anderson. She also wore a dress that was almost the same as one Anderson wore in a paparazzi photo with Lee in the 1990s. MGK also matched the photo by wearing dark hair, a white tank top, and jeans. He even used makeup to cover up some of his tattoos to get Lee’s look.

Fans were shocked by how much they looked alike. But the last part of the post was what made some people upset. In a video, Machine Gun Kelly fake-snorts cocaine off of Fox’s breast and then licks it. Some commenters were angry that the couple, who has a lot of young fans, made a drug reference.

The argument didn’t end there. The actress posted another Halloween costume on her Instagram account. In this one, Machine Gun Kelly was dressed as a priest and gave Fox, who was kneeling and wearing a skimpy outfit, Communion.

Some commenters said that Fox and MGK were making fun of Catholicism, which was unfair. The couple probably doesn’t mind. As of Monday morning, more than 4 million people had liked the two Halloween posts together.

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