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Max Verstappen Girlfriend: Who Is Max Verstappen’s Girlfriend? Every Details About Kelly Piquet

Kelly Piquet has spent her entire life in the spotlight. Due to her famous parents and now her famous boyfriend, it is difficult for many F1 drivers to not be familiar with Kelly. She is attractive, a model, a mother, and more! Here, we provide a glimpse into Kelly Piquet’s life so that you can get to know her better.

Who Is Kelly Piquet

The Brazilian Beauty Was Born in Homburg, Germany on December 7, 1988.

She travelled extensively, spending the majority of her formative years in France.

Piquet Even Spent A Year Studying In England Before Returning To Brazil And Attending College In New York, Where He Obtained His Degree In International Relations.

Kelly Piquet joined Formula E’s social media team after working for Marie Claire and Vogue magazines.

Kelly Piquet Life And Career

Kelly Piquet was born in the German city of Homburg. She is the daughter of Nelson Piquet, a Brazilian race car driver and three-time Formula One World Champion, and the Dutch model Sylvia Tamsma. The majority of her childhood was spent in the south of France. She moved to Brazil at the age of 12 and lived there until she was 15 years old.

Piquet then returned to France, where he remained for an additional year before moving to England to attend boarding school. She returned to Brazil at age 17 to complete her senior year of high school. Piquet attended Marymount Manhattan College in New York, where he majored in international relations with a concentration in political science and economics.

She Undertook A Fashion Internship During College And Decided To Continue Working In The Field. In addition to being a columnist for Marie Claire Magazine, she worked for Vogue Latinoamerica, Bergdorf Goodman, and KCD PR.

Kelly Piquet Model

Piquet began her fashion career in New York City, holding positions as a stylist assistant at Vogue Latin America and a buyer for Bergdorf Goodman. She followed in her mother’s footsteps in the modeling industry, working for Pepe Jeans, Patio, and Louis Vuitton, among others.

Piquet regularly posts photos of her modeling work on Instagram, as well as adorable images of her daughter and her travels with Verstappen.

Kelly Piquet F1 legacy

In the 1980s, Piquet’s father, Nelson, competed in Formula One. He is a three-time world champion and is regarded as one of the greatest F1 drivers ever. Seven-time F1 Champion Lewis Hamilton confronted Nelson on Twitter in June 2022 after a 2021 interview in which Nelson used a racial slur against Hamilton surfaced. Nelson was reportedly banned from the F1 paddock as a result.

Kelly Piquet Personal life

Piquet began dating the Russian Formula One driver Daniil Kvyat in January 2017. She is the mother of a daughter with Kvyat, who was born in July 2019. December of the same year marked the end of the relationship. Since January 2021, she has been publicly linked to Dutch Formula One World Champion Max Verstappen.

She and Verstappen share two cats

Piquet regularly shows off the two Bengal cats she shares with Verstappen, Jimmy and Sassy. In October 2021, she posted a pair of pictures on Instagram showing the furry friends snuggled close together.

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