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Who Is Malika Andrews Dating? Lets Explore Malika Andrews And Dave Mcmenamin Dating Rumors

Malika Andrews is an American sports host and journalist who is best known as the host of ESPN’s NBA Today and the youngest sideline reporter for a broadcast. She has her own fan base, and many people want to know Who Is Malika Andrews is Dating. So, in this article, we’ll find out Who Malika Andrews Is Dating and learn more about her.

Who Is Malika Andrews Dating?

Malika Andrews is currently single and not dating anyone, as far as we know. However, Malika Andrews is rumored to be dating fellow ESPN reporter Dave McMenamin. Given the nature of the allegations, many people were eager to learn the truth about Malika Andrews’ alleged romantic relationship with Dave McMenamin.

Although neither party has confirmed nor denied the report, the two have never had a romantic relationship. Despite popular belief, they have yet to establish a presence on Instagram. Their social media interactions reveal nothing about the nature of their romantic relationship.

Malika Andrews And Dave McMenamin Are Dating?

People wanted to know if Malika Andrews and Dave McMenamin were boyfriend and girlfriend, given the nature of the rumors. While neither party has confirmed or denied the rumor, the two have never been romantically linked.

The Twitter source is also somewhat suspect. @LakeShowYo, like other well-followed NBA Twitter accounts (Ball**** Sports, for example), has built a large following with satirical and parodical content that is usually entertaining but not always true.

Because there have been no previous reports of the two datings, we should take the rumors with a grain of salt.

Malika Andrews Dating History

As we mentioned earlier in the article, Malika Andrews is very private about her personal life. Although fans are curious about Malika Andrews’ dating history, there is no information available. She reportedly had a few relationships before settling down with Dave.

She did, however, keep them away from the media. Her relationship with Richard Jefferson has been the talk of the town, and it is the only one that has piqued the media’s interest.

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Who is Dave McMenamin?

In 2009, Dave McMenamin joined ESPN as an NBA reporter, working as a beat writer and television analyst primarily covering the Los Angeles Lakers and Cleveland Cavaliers. He began covering the league for in 2005. He played collegiate basketball at the University of Limerick in Ireland and graduated from Syracuse University, where he was a student manager for Carmelo Anthony’s 2003 national championship team.

The Philadelphia native is an avid sneaker collector and co-author of the New York Times bestselling book “Return of the King: LeBron James, the Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Greatest Comeback in NBA History,” which he co-wrote with Brian Windhorst. He has written for NBA Today, ESPN the Magazine, The Hoop Collective Podcast, SportsCenter, Outside the Lines, and other ESPN platforms.

Malika Andrews Net Worth

Malika Andrews’ net worth is $800,000 to $1,000,000 as of 2022, according to Forbes. Forbes magazine named her one of the most powerful and young reporters in the sports industry in the United States.

Malika Andrews is a seasoned professional who knows everything there is to know about the NBA. She entered the industry at a young age, but she was determined to land a big job with the big network, ESPN. NBA Today, one of the network’s most popular shows is hosted by her.

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What is Malika Andrews’s salary?

between $50,000 and $78,000

What nationality is Malika Andrews?


27 Years Old

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